Sol Pérez marries Guido Mazzoni!

Sun Perez she seems very much in love with Guido Mazzoni, her boyfriend since 2019. The love between them is so much that they decided to take the next step and they will marry in 2022, as reported in “In the afternoon”. The cycle driven by Karina Mazzocco revealed an unknown that they kept for two programs and made the entire panel very happy.

As detailed by Diego Esteves, it was a weather girl after giving some clues that brought her classmates very close. The couple in question met while training, a passion that the two share for which they strengthened their relationship that has already exceeded two years.

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It should be remembered that the model had already announced that she was getting married but that it was not yet planned, nor had she received a formal offer from her boyfriend. Months ago, he commented on a visit to “We in the morning”: “The whole family said that we get married in 2022, but I have to plan everything, it doesn’t give me but in 2023 I get married.”

Sol Pérez will marry Guido Mazzoni.

The information by the journalist would advance the ceremony for the current year, another proof that the love he has Sun Perez for your partner is serious.

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