Sofie Østergaard gets a new host position on DR

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From 21 August, Sofie Østergaard will take on the role of host in Sunday’s TV service on DR.

It was revealed on Tuesday when DR held a press conference, where the autumn’s upcoming cultural programs and initiatives were presented.

Although Sofie Østergaard has several hosting positions in her luggage, including from the entertainment program ‘Versus’, the children’s MGP, and ‘SommerSummarum’, this type of program is quite new to her.

Nevertheless, the 40-year-old host is looking forward to it going on the air.

Sofie Østergaard.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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‘I really think it is a privilege to be allowed to host a program where there is time for conversation. Time to talk to people. I think most hosts really want that, “she tells BT, adding:

“That’s really what I want as a host: Have that conversation where you might be able to dive a little further than just superficially and have some really good and longer conversations about the things that are important.”

Sofie Østergaard is both baptized and confirmed, but is otherwise not religious as such. She sees this as an advantage, as she thus has the opportunity to ask more immediate questions.

“I’m really looking forward to it – with the curiosity I have to be able to try to say, ‘How can we take this and put it into a context that is more contemporary and that touches us all in everyday life?’ , «She explains.

“I do not necessarily think it is a disadvantage that I do not have as much control over the substance area as the previous hosts have had. We do not want to take that knowledge out – we just place it with the pastor, who is also there – and then I can ask more freely based on the experience. “

When Sofie Østergaard had agreed to become the new host of the program, a small bit of concern crept in.

She was curious about what people would think about choosing a host for the services, who is not himself a Christian – if people would see something wrong in it.

“But I simply do not think there can be some who do. Because if I can help make it relevant for even more people, then I can only see that it can be a really nice way to do it, “says Sofie Østergaard.

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