Sofie Linde continues success show: Going on tour throughout the country

If you were a big fan of Sofie Linde’s show, Linde på Bjerget, which played to full halls in the Aveny-T-theater in Frederiksberg last year, then there is good news.

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The popular ‘X Factor’ host is doing it again – and even across the country.

She and her partner, Rasmus Bjerg, state this in a press release, where they reveal that their nationwide tour will take place in the spring of 2022.

According to the couple’s press representative, the new show will be a further development of the old one.

Sofie Linde and Rasmus Bjerg during one of the many song numbers in the show.

Sofie Linde and Rasmus Bjerg during one of the many song numbers in the show.

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This means that it will not be exactly the same show as last year, but that it will not be a completely new show either.

Sofie Linde denies to BT that the upcoming tour will collide with her job as host of ‘X Factor’.

“There’s a good time for both,” she says.

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Last year, it was intended that it should be Anders Breinholt, who should have made the show together with Sofie Linde.

The ‘night team’ host, however, ran away at the last minute, after which Rasmus Bjerg stepped in.

According to Sofie Linde, however, it was never in question to drop Rasmus Bjerg to make a new show with Anders Breinholt.

»Both the show with Anders and Rasmus have never been thought of further than AvenyT, but when we waved goodbye to the Frederiksberg stage and each other – only to be hit by the lockdown – the idea of ​​one more round with Linde on the Mountain flourished. And luckily it could be done – and we are so looking forward to it. Because it was so fun and special to do the first round. “

At first glance, it also sounds as if Sofie Linde is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Rasmus Bjerg.

“We have the same kind of humor, and we are both some people who feel quite a lot, so we understand each other incredibly well,” she says and continues:

28.04.22 – Gala premiere, Borreby Theater
29.04.22 – Roskilde Congress Center
30.04.22 – Jysk Musikteater, Silkeborg
04.05.22 – Royal Stage Hillerød
05.05.22 – Sønderjyllandshallen, Aabenraa
06.05.22 – Kulturcenter Limfjord, Skive
07.05.22 – Jysk Musikteater, Silkeborg
08.05.22 – Musikkens Hus, Aalborg
11.05.22 – Musikhuset Esbjerg
12.05.22 – Værket, Randers
13.05.22 – Ringsted Congress Center
14.05.22 – Svendborg Theater
19.05.22 – Taastrup Theater & amp; Music house
20.05.22 – Vejle Musikteater
21.05.22 – Horsens Ny Teater
25.05.22 – Kulturværftet, Helsingør
27.05.22 – Fallkoner, Copenhagen
28.05.22 – Odeon Odense
29.05.22 – Musikhuset, Aarhus

»I also think that we are good at giving each other space to come up with both good and bad ideas – then we play a little with it, and it always ends in a good place, whether it is super fun or super rough or just completely gakkelak. «

Rasmus Bjerg is also looking forward to throwing himself into another round of ‘Linde på Bjerget’, he says in the press release:

»It’s a kind of patchwork of a show where there is room to do all sorts of crazy things. Sofie and I come from two quite different worlds, but we are both opponents of the culture of perfection, where everything must be streamlined and completely well thought out. It’s so boring when everything has to be completely correct. “

Ticket sales for ‘Linde på Bjerget’ start on Friday 19 November at 10:00.

BT gave last year’s show four out of six stars, calling it ‘surprisingly successful and ingeniously crooked’.

You can read the full review here.

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