Sofía Suescun: what is her new job on Netflix

Sofía Suescun was one of the best known faces on TV shows. Mediaset. So his surprise and sudden disappearance since last September was not indifferent among viewers and users of social networks.

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According to different Spanish media, the winner of “Big Brother 16” and “Survivors 2018″ Was banned from the television company because it refused to be part of the representation agency that Mediaset offers its stars.

The reality show contestant preferred to remain linked to her current agency, ‘Inmanagement Agency‘, thus continuing his successful career as an influencer. The Spanish has more than 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account, where she usually collaborates with well-known brands worldwide.

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Throughout these months, the influencer has focused solely on her work on social networks (Photo: Sofía Suescun / Instagram)


After being away from Spanish television for a few months, Sofía Suescun was signed by Netflix for you to comment on the end of “Love with surety, the reality show for couples hosted by Monica Naranjo. This program has a mechanic similar to “The island of temptations”That is emitted by Telecinco.

The celebrity announced through his social networks his participation in the reality de Netflix and showed his happiness to his thousands of followers. “We will comment live on the BIG final! Who do you think will be the winning couple? I already have my bets hehe “Suescun wrote on his Instagram account.

The celebrity used her social networks to announce that she would comment on the final of the reality show "Amor con baianza" (Photo: Sofía Suescun / Instagram)
The celebrity used her social networks to announce that she would comment on the final of the reality show “Amor con baianza” (Photo: Sofía Suescun / Instagram)

In addition to Sofia, the streaming platform turned to two other influencers. They are Nicole Delgado, the winner of “Insiders”, and ‘Brio enraged‘, who often makes controversial comments on his social networks about television programs.

The grand finale of “Love with bail” It took place this Friday, November 19, and Sofía Suescun connected live through her Instagram account to talk with Paula and Daniel, the winners of the Netflix program. The influencer’s followers congratulated her on the role she played and hope to see her in more productions soon.

“Sofia you have been spectacular I love it”, “How good you have been Sofi”, “I loved the live show, I hope they have you on Netflix”, “I have loved it, I hope you get more things on Netflix”are some of the comments that can be read in the publication made by Sofía Suescun.

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Sofia Suescun Galdeano is a media character on Spanish television who rose to fame after winning “Big Brother 16”. Since then, she has participated as a contributor and presenter on various television shows.


  • “Big Brother 16” (Contestant – Winner)
  • “Women and men and vice versa” (Tronista – Love Advisor)
  • “Survivors” (Contestant – Winner)
  • “Long live life” (Collaborator)
  • “Los mundos de Sofía” (Protagonist of the docu-reality)
  • “Saturday Deluxe” (Collaborator)
  • “Big Brother VIP: The Debate” (Contributor)
  • “Big Brother Duo” (Contestant)
  • “Quiz SV” (Presenter)
  • “Crazy party” (Participant)
  • “Survivors: Honduras Connection” (Contributor)
  • “Mad Merry Christmas” (Participant)
  • “The debate of temptations” (Collaborator)
  • “The time of discount” (Collaborator)
  • “The strong house” (Collaborator)
  • “Solos / Solas” (Participant)
  • “It’s already noon” (Collaborator)
  • “An extreme adventure” (Presenter)
  • “Come have dinner with me: Gourmet edition” (Participant)

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