Sofia Cerveira updates fans about her daughter’s health after the operation: “Another day of pampering…”

It was last week that Sofia Cerveira and Gonçalo Diniz were anxious about the surgery that their daughter Vitória underwent. The little one was operated on for tonsils and adenoids, and everything went as expected.

Vitoria returned home and has been recovering. Today the presenter of SIC Caras updated her followers about her daughter’s recovery, which after a week seems to be improving day by day, especially with all the pampering possible from her mother.

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“Our little girl’s recovery from surgery on her tonsils and adenoids is going very well, thank God🙏We are already on the seventh day!! Another day at the pampering, so❤ I don’t know who likes it more… if the daughter… if the mother🤭😍 Do you understand what I mean?” can be read in the caption of the publication that garnered much praise.

“Best fast ❤”, “Good recovery 💛 Where “Mother’s love ❤, are just a few examples. Look here:

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