Soccer player faints after clash, his captain saves his life by intervening immediately

A providential intervention by a teammate could have made the difference between life and death Ilkin Qirtimov, footballer of the Azerbaijani team Gabala. It all happened last Thursday when during a Conference League preliminaries match against Hungarians Mol Fehervar in the stadium, the audience was silent. At 33 ‘after a fight Qirtimov – who had received an involuntary elbow to the head – passed out. The team captain, Asif Mammadov, intervened by opening his jaw and pulling out his tongue. A maneuver that proved to be fundamental to save the life of the footballer who was then released on a stretcher.

The cameras took the shot away from what was happening on the pitch out of respect for the player who at that moment was struggling between life and death. Now it’s dangerous outside. The episode recalled what happened to the Danish footballer in June 2021 Christian Eriksen during the match against Finalandia. Also in that case it was Captain Kjaer who intervened. The Azerbaijani club then posted a photo the day, confirming Qirtimov’s total recovery: “Thank God everything is fine. I have recovered and feel good. I express my deep gratitude to all those who have taken an interest in my state of health. I hope to have the chance to take the field in the next match ”.

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