Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: understand the history of Trindade and learn what can happen to the pawn

Xereu Trindade (Gabriel Sater) arose on the farm of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) in the novel “Pantanal” after saving the life of Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), shot by Muda (Bella Campos). It is the pawn who will assure the farmer that the enigmatic being is actually his father, Joventino (Irandhir Santos), now with the power to transform into a snake.

At the same time, Trindade, who is also a guitar player, astonishes everyone with his visions and has a pact with the devil. In the story that soon introduces Leôncio’s third son, the pact between Trindade and the “tinhoso” will make his viola play alone to the astonishment of Tibério (Guito) and the other peons.

32 years ago, on the extinct TV Manchete, who played the character was his father, Almir Sater, who at the time was making his debut as a soap opera actor after an already consolidated career as a singer and songwriter. However, Almir had already been through films like “Snail-flower”.

Will Trindade have an affair with Irma in the soap opera ‘Pantanal’?

“Pantanal” has been going through some changes compared to the 1990 original, so it’s not possible to guarantee what will happen with Trindade. But if his plot hasn’t been altered, the pawn can only get rid of the “tough” after he manages to conquer Irma (Camila Morgado/Elaine Cristina in the original).

The two, by the way, have sex during a boat ride. And then Madeleine’s sister (Karine Teles, currently/Itala Nandi in the first version) gets pregnant to Trinidad’s bewilderment. This is because he fears the child will be born with devil horns.

In this way, Irma ended the telenovela alongside José Lucas de Nada (Paulo Gorgulho in the original) after she gave birth with the help of her son’s father. In September 1990, Almir left the soap opera “Pantanal” to be the protagonist, alongside Ingra Lyberato in “A História de Ana Raio e Zé Trovão”, its successor in the time slot. For this reason, Trindade disappeared from history without being able to be found by anyone else.

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