Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Trindade regrets the lack of Irma and ‘Cramulhão’ counters the pawn. Know!

At novel “Pantanal”, Sister (Camila Morgado) will provoke a fight between Trindade (Gabriel Sater) and the “Cramulhão”. The disagreement occurs as soon as Jove’s aunt (Jesuíta Barbosa), pregnant with the pawn, returns to Rio de Janeiro to resolve family matters, in scenes scheduled for next week. And when she hears the plane that takes the redhead take off, Trindade doesn’t hide her sadness.

“My princess is if îno…”, says the pawn, starting to fight with “Tinhoso”. “I know, Cramulhão… You gave her to me and I’m leaving her there. I’m holding on because I know that if she really loves me, she’ll come back”, says Trindade, who shortly after will abandon Irma and leave “his spirit” on the Leôncios’ farm.

Who anticipates columnist André Romano, from the “TV Observatory”. And the “Cramulhão” counters the pawn’s speech. “If she loved you, you wouldn’t need me, Xeréu Trindade! And if you didn’t need me, you wouldn’t be here!”, pokes the “Bad Thing” referring to the future mother, who will have a terrifying nightmare about her future drinks.

Guta humiliates Zuleica in the soap opera ‘Pantanal’


Still in the next chapters of the nine o’clock soap opera, Guta (Julia Dalavia) will lose patience with Zuleica (Aline Borges), his father’s other wife, Tenório (Murilo Benício). About to discover that she is not Marcelo’s (Lucas Leto) sister, the spoiled mother-in-law dumps her future mother-in-law when she is called “daughter”.

“Don’t call me daughter! I’m tired of ‘but’… That’s enough for me! I’ve had enough! I can’t take this life anymore, I’m leaving, and I don’t have to give satisfaction to anyone, least of all to you, lady Zuleica Bruaca!”, fires Maria Bruaca’s daughter (Isabel Teixeira).

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