Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: summary of the next chapters – week of June 20th to 25th

Next chapters of the soap opera “Pantanal” – summary of the week of June 20 to 25, 2022

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Chapter 73 – Monday, June 20

José Lucas (Irandhir Santos) talks about what he thinks of Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) to Juma (Alanis Guillen), and Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) disapproves of the attitude. Renato (Gabriel Santana) talks to his brothers about the possibility that their father, Tenório (Murilo Benício ) is ashamed of them for being black. Filó (Dira Paes) exposes to Muda (Bella Campos) his doubts about Juma’s love for Jove.

Jove tells José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) that he might not be the best person to run his father’s business. Trindade (Gabriel Sater) tells Tibério (Guito) that he sees death falling on José Leôncio’s house. Roberto (Cauê Campos) recommends Zuleica (Aline Borges) to press Tenório to make a choice.

Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) goes after Alcides (Juliano Cazarré), the pawn denies to Guta (Julia Dalavia) any kind of involvement with the boss. Juma hates Irma’s (Camila Morgado) insinuations about José Lucas. Guta considers the possibility of sending Alcides away. Marcelo (Lucas Leto) hears Tenório talking about Guta with Zuleica.

Chapter 74 – Tuesday, June 21

Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) encourages Mariana (Selma Egrei) to go to her grandson’s wedding. Tiberius kisses Muda. Jove doesn’t like the report made by Matilde (Lucci Ferreira) and Davi (Mareliz Rodrigues), because he doesn’t consider sustainability as a reference. Irma is uneasy when she sees Juma chatting with José Lucas.

Marcelo squeezes Tenório when he proposes an investment in the Pantanal farm. Filó tells Irma about his concern about José Lucas’ interest in Juma. Alcides asks Tadeu (José Loreto) for a job on José Leôncio’s farm. Guta will advise her mother, Maria Bruaca.

Filó doesn’t like the reconciliation between Tadeu and Guta. José Lucas tells Juma that Jove is weak. Trindade tries to seduce Irma.

Chapter 75 – Wednesday, June 22

Irma is in disbelief at the pact that Trindade claims to have made. Maria Bruaca tells Zefa (Paula Barbosa) not to tell Tenório anything about her and Alcides. Renato comments to Zuleica that Tenório appears to be running from the police.

Renato doesn’t understand why Zuleica defends Tenório and confronts his mother asking if she doesn’t hide something from her children. Maria Bruaca tells Alcides to forget about her, and the cowboy threatens to tell the boss everything.

Filó is jealous of José Leôncio’s compliment to Jove. Juma thinks that Jove came back different from the trip she took with her father. Tadeu goes back to dating Guta, but José Leôncio doesn’t like to know that. Juma shoots Jove in the feet and sends him away from the prison.

Chapter 76 – Thursday, June 23

Juma informs Jove that she will not marry him. Tiberio is distressed by José Lucas’ interest in Juma. José Leôncio supports Jove in the decision not to look for the jaguar girl. José Lucas tells Trindade that Juma will be hers.

Tenório tells Guta that if José Leôncio doesn’t ask for his daughter’s hand in Tadeu’s name, there will be no marriage. Irma tells Jove to try to convince her grandmother Mariana to live in the Pantanal. José Leôncio and Filó clarify to Tenório that they do not agree with their son dating Guta.

Irma tells Mariana that Jove has changed. Alcides comments to Tadeu that he shouldn’t fight with José Leôncio because of Guta. Tenório questions Tadeu about how they are going to resolve this situation.

Chapter 77 – Friday, June 24

Tadeu praises Tenório’s cattle, but he doesn’t know that the bigamist stole cattle from José Leôncio’s farm. Mariana refuses Irma’s invitation to go to the Pantanal. Nayara (Victoria Rossetti) and Gustavo (Caco Ciocler) return home. Guta tells her parents that she will not marry Tadeu.

Tadeu fights with José Leôncio and claims the money from his father for his work as a pawn. Trindade assures Tiberio that Irma is no longer in love with José Lucas.

Irma and Gustavo talk about Mariana’s situation. Juma does not accept the visit of José Lucas in his tapera. Zefa tells Tadeu that Guta doesn’t love him anymore and that Tenório is interested in José Leôncio’s animals. Tenório tells Maria Bruaca that their daughter’s marriage will not work out.

Chapter 78 – Saturday, June 25th

Mariana insists on saying that she will not go to the Pantanal. José Lucas tells José Leôncio that he was very hard on his son, Tadeu. Zuleica is terrified when Marcelo reveals that he knows Guta is her sister.

Jove fights with José Lucas over Juma, and Tibério prevents the two from physically attacking each other. Tenório encourages Tadeu to fight with José Leôncio and ask his father for his share of the inheritance in oxen, guaranteeing the peon part of the land on his farm.

José Lucas tells Tibério that he will get Juma out of his mind. Alcides blames Tenório for wanting to take advantage of Tadeu to make money. Guta tells Tadeu that she will leave him if he breaks up with José Leôncio.

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