Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: summary of the next chapters – week of August 15th to 20th


Globe, 21:30

Chapter 121 – Monday, 8/15

José Leôncio does not go to the wedding of José Lucas and Érica and leaves his son without ground. José Leôncio listens to Filó, gives Maria Bruaca shelter, but is emphatic when he tells Alcides that he is taking advantage of him because he is good. Roberto and Renato go boating alone, Zuleica finds out and is distressed.

Trindade tells Alcides that it is better not to include Muda when getting revenge on Tenório. Tiberius prevents Muda from communicating with Alcides. Tenório turns to José Leôncio to find Roberto and Renato and sees Maria Bruaca.

Chapter 122 – Tuesday, 8/16

Eugênio finds Renato and Roberto what God will give and helps the boys return home. Marcelo reveals to Guta that her mother is at José Leôncio’s house. José Leôncio tells Alcides that he had better leave. Guta appeals to Zuleica so that Tenório agrees not to bother Maria Bruaca anymore.

Guta blackmails Tenório, fearing that he will do something against Maria Bruaca. Irma reports to Filó having taken the exams. Jove hopes for José Leôncio and Mariana to acquire Tenório’s lands. Zuleica tells Roberto that she has the feeling of being Tenório’s accomplice and the son asks her questions.

Chapter 123 – Wednesday, 8/17

Roberto is suspicious of his mother. Trindade acts coldly upon receiving Irma and she is suspicious. Zuleica is emphatic to Tenório in giving her opinion about the rights of Guta’s mother. Alcides reveals to Maria Bruaca that he is considering killing Tenório.

Erica tells her father, but not José Lucas, that she had a miscarriage. Tenório refuses to sell his land to Jove’s father. Alcides and Maria Bruaca go to Juma’s house.

Chapter 124 – Thursday, 8/18

Alcides goes with Maria Bruaca to Juma’s tapera, wanting to take Tenório by surprise. Tenório, in turn, is considering acquiring the land where Juma lives to take revenge on José Leôncio. Trindade tells Irma not to think about him anymore.

Zaquieu reports that Trindade’s viola played without anyone using it and surprises everyone on the farm. Juma kicks Tenório out of his house. Trindade tells Tibério that for the sake of his baby he has to leave the Pantanal.

To Zuleica, Guta reports that he wants to suggest to Marcelo that they leave the farm.

Chapter 125 – Friday, 8/19

José Leôncio tells Jove to be careful with Juma. Muda notes that Zefa wasn’t even shaken by Renato’s outrageous manner. Marcelo catches Renato’s attention. Jove apologizes to Velho do Rio and he agrees.

Guta goes to Juma’s house to see Maria Bruaca. Guta rejects Maria Bruaca’s life, and tells her mother to go to court to have her rights. Juma tells Marcelo that Tenório wants to keep his property. Zefa’s attitude makes Tadeu suspicious. Jove goes to the tapera behind Juma.

Chapter 126 – Saturday, 8/20

Juma kisses Jove. Marcelo tells Guta that he is afraid that Tenório might attack him and Zuleica. Renato shoots the jaguar and feels remorse. The Velho do Rio tells Maria Marruá that it is time for her to have her rest and assures her that he will take care of her daughter.

Ari tells José Leôncio that he can go to jail because a jaguar was murdered on his property. Irma is floored as she reveals that she has to get away from her and the baby. Marcelo says between the lines that Tenório used bad faith in relation to the squatters in Paraná.

José Leôncio appeals to Ari for a lawyer to be taken to the farm. José Lucas appears in Irma’s dream.

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