Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Maria Bruaca demands half of Tenório’s assets after shooting her husband

In the soap opera ‘Pantanal’, Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) will turn around and will demand half of Tenório’s assets (Murilo Benicio). However, the farmer will humiliate himself to his ex-wife in an attempt to get around the situation.

After Bruaca found out that Tenório tin a second family in São Pauloandthere it goes try to kill the bigamist, but will not be able to. The farmer will bring his other wife and children to live in the Pantanal, in the same house as Bruaca.

In this way the swamp, who has betrayed her husband with Levi (Leandro Lima), will shoot the husband, but he ends up missing the shot and thanks God he didn’t get it right. After that, she will be kicked out of the house and spend a few days in Eugênio’s (Almir Sater) hut.

Tenório will humiliate himself for Maria Bruaca

Later, Bruaca will be sheltered by José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira), who will help you with the divorce hiring a lawyer. The woman will tell Guta’s mother (Julia Dalavia), that she entitled to half of her ex-husband’s assets.

So, Bruaca will enter a judicial process and Tenório will humiliate himself for his wife, because he doesn’t want her to have access to his patrimony. With that, the goat will promise that he will send the second wife out of the house if Bruaca returns.

“Are we going to forget all this, Maria? Are we going to go back to living together, as husband and wife?”, says the squatter. “And the other?” will question Bruaca. “If you come back with me… If you swear you’ll forget everything that happened like I’m swearing… I’ll send her back to her house!”, Tenório said.

However, the housewife will not believe the bigamist, who will catch his children in bed, and will say that if the farmer wants peace, he will have to leave the farm with his second wife. “For the rest, I give up everything”, says Bruaca.

Bruaca has sex with Alcides

In the next chapters of the telenovela Maria Bruaca, who rejected sex with her husband, goes to bed with Alcides (Juliano Cazarré). This happens when Tenório goes to São Paulo, where he has a second family. The housewife will regret having married the farmer, she cries and angrily knocks on the door.

According to the official website of the nine o’clock soap opera, Bruaca will dry his tears and go to the revenge once again looking for Alcides, who is in the farm’s shed. At the place, the pawn ends up being surprised by the boss and the two will have sex.

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