Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Madeleine humiliates Irma when she discovers her sister has sex with José Leôncio. ‘Viper’

Sister (Camila Morgado) finally will tell her sister, Madeleine (Karine Teles), having had sex with José Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira) in the novel “Pantanal”. About to be the victim of a tragedy, the influencer will humiliate her sister. “You’re a traitor, a fifth-rate little woman, a viper of the worst kind!”, mercilessly shoots Jove’s mother (Jesuíta Barbosa), by then already living with Juma (Alanis Guillen) in the Pantanal.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that Irma lied to her family saying she would travel abroad and ended up going to her brother-in-law’s farm shortly after Jove was born. And that José Leôncio aroused interest in the redhead as soon as they met and, at the time, she even invested in the millionaire.

In the present day, Irma spills the beans when talking to her sister about the food made by Filó (Dira Paes). “I expressed myself badly… It was a… it was a…”, says Jove’s aunt, but her sister doesn’t give her a chance: “A confession of guilt!”.

From there the sisters fight and Madeleine accuses Irma of being “underhanded”. Cornered, Mariana’s youngest daughter (Selma Egrei) reveals the sex with her brother-in-law. “Although I didn’t go there for that, I ended up sleeping with him,” she says, being humiliated by her sister, according to the soap’s official website.

Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Madeleine doesn’t accept Irma’s excuse. ‘Betrayed!’

Mariana is attracted to the fight between the sisters and her firstborn tries to defend herself in the soap opera that has some differences from the 1990 original. “If I betrayed anyone, it was me…”, argues the redhead, who has also been involved with Gustavo (Caco Ciocler).

However, Madeleine does not accept any justification. “You betrayed me, Irma… You betrayed my son! You betrayed everyone in this family! Because that’s what you are: a traitor, dirty and despicable! That’s what you’ve always been!” she stomps, mercilessly.

But the one who ends the conversation is Irma. “I refuse to hear one more word,” says the Moraes’ eldest daughter.

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