Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Guta reacts to discovering his mother’s affair, Maria Bruaca, with Alcides

Us next chapters of the soap opera “Pantanal”O case of Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) and Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) will be discovered by Guta (Julia Dalavia). The daughter of the long-suffering housewife looks for the pawn – from whom she has already received an indecent proposal – and gives him a warning. If the nine o’clock soap follows the 1990 original, Alcides will not listen to the girl and will almost be the victim of a drastic attitude by Tenório (Murilo Benício).

According to the official website of Bruno Luperi’s novel, Zefa (Paula Barbosa) will warn Maria that Guta already knows about her relationship with the pawn. “I’m not saying anything, boss, but it’s good for you to open your eyes, Guta already knows”, says the farm maid.

“What do you know about?”, replies Tenório’s wife as if she didn’t know anything. “That Alcides is trying your seasoning!”, Zefa fires without stalling.

+ Zefa finished alone the first version of the soap opera ‘Pantanal’

Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Guta presses, but Alcides denies affair with Maria


At almost the same time, Guta looks for Alcides, who denies any relationship with Maria. However, the engineer claims that her father cannot even imagine their case. “She’s a married woman! And her husband is her boss!”, says the girl firmly.

Not satisfied, she still threatens the employee. “And my dad, when he gets back from his trip, he won’t be happy to find out that you and my mom are having an affair!”, he guarantees. Even against the wall, Alcides continues denying any relationship with Maria and stating that he is only interested in her, Guta.

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