Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: Guta leaves and humiliates Zuleica, Marcelo’s mother. Know the reason!

Us next chapters of the soap opera “Pantanal”, gutta (Julia Dalavia) it’s going to give a tremendous out in Zuleica (Aline Borges). About to betray her mother, Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira), the feminist will not accept being called “daughter” by her father’s other wife, Tenório (Murilo Benício), in scenes that will air next week.

In addition to refusing the affectionate way, the spoiled one still mistreats Marcelo’s mother (Lucas Leto), with whom she will be caught in bed by her father. “Don’t call me daughter! I’m tired of ‘but’… That’s enough for me! I’ve had enough! I can’t take this life anymore, I’m leaving, and I don’t have to give satisfaction to anyone, least of all to you, lady Zuleica Bruaca!”, fires Guta, in the novel that brings together one death and four marriages in the last chapter.

It is after the explosive reaction of Maria Bruaca’s daughter that Zuleica decides to open the game to the girl in relation to Marcelo. “First I need you to understand, Guta, that I’m putting my life in your hands. I want you to know that everything that can happen to me, from now on, will depend on your decisions…”, starts from mysterious way.

“How are you going to understand this whole story… How long will it take you to process all this. (…) Marcelo is not your brother… Now you know. And I’m in your hands”, he says. Zuleica to Guta, who soon delivers the truth to her boyfriend.

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