Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: find out who José Lucas de Nada and who is the mother of José Leôncio’s lost son

The arrival of José Lucas de Nada will take place soon in novel “Pantanal” and the pawn will surprise everyone by the resemblance to his paternal grandfather, Joventino (Irandhir Santos). And it will be up to Irandhir himself to play the eldest son of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira). José Lucas appears by chance on his father’s farm after he is robbed by a gang on the road.

But before coming face to face with his father and after the robbery, José Lucas – who is identical to Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) – meets Jacutinga (Glaucia Rodrigues), a woman who will give him support and advice.

But do you know who José Lucas de Nada’s mother is? And what is the reason for Nada’s last name? And which actor played José Leôncio’s eldest son in 1990, in the first version of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s soap opera? THE purepeople tell you!

Who is José Lucas de Nada’s mother in the soap opera ‘Pantanal’?

The pedestrian and truck driver is the son of José Leôncio and the prostitute Generosa (Giovana Cordeiro), therefore, the firstborn of the farmer. For those who don’t remember, José Leôncio (Drico Alves) had sex with the call girl when he was a teenager in the first week of the soap opera.

Only later did José Leôncio (Renato Góes) get involved with Filó (Letícia Salles) and, later, with Madeleine (Bruna Linzmeyer), becoming the father of Tadeu (José Loreto) and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa).

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Why does José Lucas have the last name of Nada in the soap opera ‘Pantanal’?

As Generosa did not know who the father of her child was, the boy was given the surname ‘de Nada’. The current pedestrian and truck driver was raised with the help of his grandmother and other pedestrians and always had to go after what he wanted.

Which actor was José Lucas de Nada in the 1st version of the soap opera ‘Pantanal’?

In the 1990 version, the character was created after Paulo Gorgulho won public and critical praise for playing José Leôncio in the first phase. Afterwards, the actor handed Claudio Marzo the main character and returned to the soap opera as José Lucas de Nada.

Now 62 years old, Paulo had debuted in 1984 in the miniseries “Anarchists, Thanks to God” (Globo). Before “Pantanal”, he did two more works, both in Manchete, including the soap opera “Carmem” (1987). In 1991, he migrated to Globo, debuting as Otávio in “O Dono do Mundo”.

Until 2003, he had 15 roles in soap operas, programs and miniseries, including Ataliba Timbó in “Fera Ferida” (1993). In 2005, he debuted on Record where he had 14 roles – among them the President of the Republic of “Ribeirão do Tempo” (2010) and Herodes of “Jesus” (2018).

His return to Globo was in 2019 as professor Jaci in “Second Call”. And in the current version of “Pantanal”, Paulo was Ceci in a special participation.

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