Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: after feeling attracted to José Lucas, Juma will shoot Jove

Soap opera ‘Pantanal’: In the next chapters, Juma (Alanis Guillen) will fight with Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) and shoot him. It is worth remembering that the jaguar girl and José Lucas (Irandhir Santos) are getting closer.

According to the soap opera’s official website, Jove goes to the tapera with Juma and takes photographs of the place. The two go to talk about how their lives have changed, and the boy goes to tell Juma that the records are simply for a “souvenir”. She will hate this story and slap her boyfriend’s camera.

“What did you get, Juma?!”, Jove will ask. “I don’t like those conversations of yours, nor your way, Juventino… I don’t like anything about you”, says Juma, who will insist saying that everything remains the same.

+ Juma will become pregnant. Find out who the father is!

Jove will try to smooth things over

“This tapera, as well as the life we ​​had here, will just be a memory… A good memory… The best we’ve had. And, do you know why? Because you are the thing I love most in this world… “, will argue the son of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) “No nanny, no… I’ll come in and you can make the portrait you want… To keep as a memory…”, she retaliates, again.

Juma will disappear from view inside the tapera, and Jove will continue taking his pictures. Then he will insist on leaving, but the pantaneira will appear in the window, with the shotgun in her hands.

And without thinking too much, he shoots Jove in the feet, and he falls backwards. “What is this?! Have you gone crazy?!”, he will ask. “I won’t come back to you anymore! You’re going to leave here, Juventino, and you’ll never come back… Do you hear me?!”, shouted Juma.

Zé Lucas will declare himself to Juma

Juma and Zé Lucas started to get closer since the pantaneira fell from the horse. The two will be attracted to each other. Especially after she and Jove had a disagreement: “I release you from our love, Juma Marruá…”, Jove will say.

During a boat ride they will get closer. The pawn will open up to Juma and tell about his childhood in the brothel, before meeting her father, José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) after Zé Lucas is robbed by a gang on the road.

“Are you alone in this world, Zé Luca?”, the jaguar girl will ask, very meekly. “I always have been. I found out now that I have a living father and two brothers, but I haven’t gotten used to that idea. Of not being alone anymore”, he says.

“And a woman… Have you never had one?”, asks Juma. “I had some… Here and there. But, wherever I went, I never left a trace of homesickness”, says the worker. “Does that mean you’ve never really loved anyone?”, the pantaneira will answer.

“I thought I had loved it, Juma, but when I set foot on this land, I realized that I didn’t”, says Zé Leôncio’s son. “Why?”, asks Juma. “Because I saw your smile”, the pawn will say, leaving her disconcerted.

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