Soap opera ‘Carinha de Anjo’: summary of the next chapters – week of 06/14 to 06/17, 2022

UPCOMING CHAPTERS OF THE NOVEL “CARINHA DE ANJO” – summary of the week of June 14th to 15th, 2022

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Chapter 198 – Tuesday, June 14

Leonardo (Daniel Alvim) goes to Flávio’s (Eduardo Pelizzari) house and says he is anxious to find out what Cecília’s (Bia Arantes) reaction was to the coup. Gustavo (Carlo Porto) tells Cristóvão (Guilherme Gorski) that he would never betray Cecília and that the photos must be a montage and a frame. Cristóvão says that Gustavo was wrong for not having commented on the model, who ended up spilling coffee on him, the boy should have gone to the hotel to apologize. The lawyer also tells Gustavo to go home, since he won’t let him talk to Cecília, she is very shaken. Franciely (Lorena Queiroz) tells Silvestre (Blota Filho) that she discovered his lies and that their relationship ended.

Haydee (Clarice Niskier) tells Peixoto (José Rubens Chachá) not to tell Ribeiro (Carlos Mariano) anything about the conversation they had and that it is difficult to give up her own son, but that if there is no way, she will have to do it. They wish each other luck in their search for love. Leonardo goes home and is startled to realize that Silvana (Silvia Franceschi) was there. The secretary wants to know why he sent his friend to the farm after the hang glider from Tereza’s (Lucero) accident. Leonardo comments that Flávio is a potential client who likes hang gliding and wants to find the equipment to prevent himself in the future.

Leonardo says that he still loves Silvana and that she could trust him more. Gustavo arrives home perplexed and is attended by Estefânia (Priscila Sol). Silvana tells Leonardo that Gustavo is not going to the convention in Bahia and will ask if he can go instead. The secretary even says that she is going along with him, which is unusual news for Leonardo.

Wednesday, June 15th

The soap opera “Carinha de Anjo” will not be shown due to the exhibition of the “Press Trophy 2022”

Chapter 199 – Thursday, June 16

Cecília exposes the photos she received to Mother Superior (Eliana Guttman) and Father Gabriel (Alcemar Vieira). The nun says that she cannot act impulsively. The priest finds the images strange, since Gustavo has never disrespected a woman. Adolfo (Luiz Guilherme) wants to walk in the park and asks Silvestre to accompany him.

Cecília goes to talk to Gustavo, but doesn’t allow him to touch her. The woman throws the photos she won on the floor. Gustavo comments that the photos are a trap and clarifies what happened. Cecília doesn’t want to talk and asks for a divorce. Gustavo says that he will prove to Cecília that it was all a plan and that Dulce Maria (Lorena Queiroz) cannot know that they are together anymore.

Leonardo arrives at Gustavo’s house and Adolfo spots the boy. Silvestre finds it strange that the two know each other. Adolfo tells Leonardo that Gustavo apparently betrayed Cecília. Adolfo comments that he thinks Dulce is very funny. Leonardo invents that he needs to leave, as this must not be a good time to talk to Gustavo.

Chapter 200, Friday, June 17

Diana (Camilla Camargo) goes to Fátima’s (Rai Teichmann) house, she needs to talk to Cecília and support her friend. Father Gabriel wants answers from Gustavo after he saw the photos. Gustavo feels judged by everyone. Leonardo sends an audio to Flávio, and says that the plan worked, he is going to travel and hopes to return in the midst of a depression in the Lários family.

Gustavo arrives at Fátima’s house to talk to Cecília. Dulce tells her grandfather during dinner that she would love to make him happy, but that is difficult. Cecília comments to Gustavo that the two of them better pretend to be married during the weekends so Dulce Maria doesn’t suffer during the separation process.

Gustavo begs Cecília to believe that he never cheated on her, but the woman is hard on him. Miguel (Pedro Miranda) and Zé Felipe (Leonardo Oliveira) orchestrate a plan against Bárbara (Renata Randel) and Frida (Sienna Belle). Adolfo puts Dulce Maria to sleep for the first time. Franciely says that she can’t take the dispute that Cassandra tries to put between them for Vitor’s (Thiago Mendonça) attention anymore.

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