Soap opera ‘Cara e Coragem’: summary of the next chapters – week of August 1st to 6th


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Chapter 55 – Monday, 8/1

Pat (Paolla Oliveira) comforts Moa (Marcelo Serrado), who doesn’t feel good about the death of Yeva (actress undisclosed). Marcela (Júlia Lund) and Paulo (Fernando Caruso) head to the place where the shooting took place. When testifying, Pat and Moa assure that Clarice’s murder (Taís Araujo) was committed by the group that wants to steal her research.

Hugo (Rafael Teophilo) supports Andréa (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) in reconciling with Moa. Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) seeks Dagmar (Guida Vianna) for her to participate in the celebration of his engagement to Regina (Mel Lisboa).

Pat reveals to Alfredo (Carmo dalla Vecchia) what happened with Yeva. Rebeca (Mariana Santos) is surprised when Danilo (Ricardo Pereira) blames Moa for the invasion of her house.

Pat decides to stay at Adélia’s (Ivone Hoffmann) house with her relatives. Anita (Tais Araújo) is surprised to find that Dalva has been borrowing the car since the night of Clarice’s death.

Chapter 56 – Tuesday, 8/2

Dalva doesn’t understand anything when Anita says she won’t get into her car. Moa seeks advice from Adelia. Regina mistreats Dagmar. Alfredo becomes jealous when Pat mistakes him for Moa. Andréa and Bob Wright (Kiko Mascarenhas) see each other for the first time and soon they become interested in each other.

Anita turns to Jessica (Jeniffer Nascimento) to make the car she used on the day of Clarice’s death disappear. Dalva (Carol Portes), Cleide (Amanda Mirásci) and Margareth (Ariane Souza) decide to get rid of Êxito. Kaká (Kaysar Dadour) turns to Armadinho (Rodrigo Fagundes) to find a stunt coordinator.

When listening to the recording, Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) identifies Baby’s (Fabio Alavez) speech in conversation with Danilo. Alfredo doesn’t like it when Moa and Chiquinho (Guilherme Tavares) arrive at Adélia’s house together. Anita tells Jessica how they are going to get rid of Dalva’s car.

Chapter 57 – Wednesday, 8/3

Pat says goodbye to her husband and leaves with Moa. Anita and Jessica take fingerprints from Dalva’s car. Martha (Claudia di Moura) finds out from the sheriff that the investigation into her daughter’s death has been reopened. Paulo does everything he can to communicate with Dagmar.

To Jessica, Anita tells her that she will keep a secret about what happened the night of Clarice’s murder. Joca (Leopoldo Pacheco) makes an alliance with Olivia (Paula Braun) to get Lou (Vitória Bohn) out of the stunt company.

To Dalva, Anita lies to explain the car’s disappearance. When catching Bob and Jessica side by side, Teca (Raquel Rocha) believes they are in love. Rebeca assures that Pat fell in love with Moa.

Rico (André Luiz Frambach) runs into Lou at the company and is amazed to see that she will be spending the night there. Moa and Andrea talk to each other. Pat is holding Moa’s portrait when she is spotted by Alfredo.

Chapter 58 – Thursday, 8/4

Alfredo asks questions about Moa’s portrait, and Pat changes the subject. Ítalo considers a way to confirm that Baby works for Danilo. Moa goes back to dating Andréa. Lou tries, but fails to talk about Pat to Rico.

Joca talks to Olivia on the phone and makes Nadir (Stella Maria Rodrigues) suspicious. Jonathan (Guilherme Weber) replaces the box of memories in Anita’s house with one of her own. Bob sends flowers to Andrea. Danilo orders his man to go to the stunt agency.

Italo lies about Pat and Boa to Baby. Armandinho does everything he can to talk to the women he has had relationships with. Baby watches Pat and Moa and makes Ítalo worried. Dagmar tells Anita that Regina wants to have a conversation with her.

Chapter 59 – Friday, 8/5

To Anita, Dagmar reports that her daughter made her lie when she testified and also comments about Regina and Leo’s engagement. Anita denies being friends with Regina when talking to Dagmar. Italo confirms that Baby works for Danilo. Armandinho seeks out Cleide when he fails to play charm with Dalva.

Rico disapproves when he finds out that Lou is going to spend the night at Renan’s (Bruno Fagundes) house. Danilo’s men plant a bomb in Pat’s car. Marcela goes after Jonathan at the steel mill. A hacker meets Pat and Moa through Ítalo, who reveals Baby and Danilo’s alliance.

Leonardo assures Regina that there will be no marriage between them. Marcela asks Jonathan questions about the magnesium study. Pat turns on the car’s control and the bombs explode.

Chapter 60 – Saturday, 8/6

Pat is lying on the floor and unconscious, causing Moa to go into agony. Italo’s acquaintance is also injured after the explosion and is quickly taken to hospital. Rico unintentionally messes up the mood between Pat and Moa when she tries to make a statement to the stuntman.

Leonardo is distressed when Danilo reports the attempted murder against the stuntmen. Paulo and Marcela find out from the police about the attack. Duarte (Kiko Mascarenhas) is desperate and goes into hiding so that Andrea doesn’t recognize him when the actress goes after Olivia at the gym.

Ítalo suspects Danilo is guilty of the attack and considers going after Jonathan. Regina assists Leonardo when he freaks out. At Jonathan’s house, Ítalo opens the box of Anita’s doppelganger. For Ítalo, Jonathan reveals that he will advance the forged formula.

Baby is glared at by Pat and Moa. Ítalo is surprised to find Anita at the thrift store when he goes there to talk to Dalva. Italo is very surprised.

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