Soap opera ‘A Place in the Sun’: tragedy! Christian is in serious condition after being stabbed

On novel “A Place in the Sun”, Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) will be stabbed by Valdir (Roberto Alencar) when trying to defend Inácia (Yara de Novaes), the mother of Joy (Lara Tremouroux), the tagger who will meet her death in a tragic way. After the stab, the usurper, to be unmasked and lose everything, will be in a serious and life-threatening condition.

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It will be when he leaves the Redeemer that Christian will catch Inacia being threatened by her husband. Renato’s twin gets into the fight and asks Francisco’s grandmother: “Get in the car, go”. “What’s this, cool? If you take a step, I’ll punch you. You and the kid”, says Valdir to the businessman and, later, to Inácia, says columnist Daniel Castro.

At that moment, Elenice’s “nursing son” (Ana Beatriz Nogueira ) advances on the aggressor to try to disarm him, but he gets worse. Valdir attacks him with the melee weapon and stabs him in his body, causing Christian to be taken immediately to the hospital, in the nine-hour plot, which has several alternate endings recorded and which reaches its final chapter in March.

Soap opera ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Christian’s condition worries Barbara

The doctor responsible for treating the scammer soon appears to give news to Santiago’s family (José de Abreu), who has been robbed by both Christian and Túlio (Daniel Dantas). “He is still undergoing surgery, but as Renato had the peritoneal cavity crossed, it was only after opening it that we had a real idea of ​​the severity of the wound”, he begins.

“Our expectation was that the perforation had reached only the intestine, but, as it was a cut on the right side, the liver also suffered an injury”, continues the clinician, terrifying Bárbara (Alinne Moraes), who will have blackmailed her husband after he asked the break up. “The liver? But what does that mean? He’s going to be fine, isn’t he?” he asks.

“It’s still too early to say anything. Renato had a hemorrhagic shock, but the team is trying to control the bleeding”, completes the doctor, being confronted by Elenice: “You’re telling me then that Renato is at some risk, it’s that?”. The professional, however, will say nothing. Distressed, Christian’s “mother” will not feel well and will need help.

Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Barbara cries when she discovers betrayal

In Lícia Manzo’s plot, the little girl will catch a kiss from Christian to Lara (Andreia Horta). Furious, Barbara will have a crying fit. “What hate! What hate”, she says being comforted by her sister Nicole (Ana Baird).

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