Soap opera ‘A Favorita’: Dedina stays with Elias, with Damião or does she die in the end? Record

THE novel “The Favorite”which premieres this Monday, May 16, 2022, in addition to narrating the crimes of Flora (Patricia Pillar) also told the teacher Dedina’s story, lived by Helena Ranaldi and married to Elias (Leonardo Medeiros). Shown between 2008 and 2009, João Emanuel Carneiro’s telenovela is the replacement for “O Clone” in “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo” (check here the main plot endings of the current evening rerun).

During the telenovela, Dedina had an affair with Damião (Malvino Salvador), her husband’s best friend, who becomes mayor of the fictional city of Triunfo. Because of the betrayal, Elias even beats the woman after she forgets an earring at her lover’s house and even kicks her out of the house.

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What are the endings of Dedina, Elias and Damião in ‘A Favorita’?

In the final stretch of “The Favorite”, Dedina is diagnosed with an incurable heart disease. Feeling that the end is near, the teacher calls her ex-husband and the capoeira teacher for a conversation and admits she is to blame for the end of their friendship, Elias and Damião, the bastard son of Romildo (Milton Gonçalves), the result of their relationship. with Arlete (Ângela Vieira).

Soon after, Dedina dies. Damião ends up winning a happy ending with Greice (Roberta Gualda), who became his lover. In turn, Elias ends up being replaced in the city hall by Didu (Fabrício Boliveira), Romildo’s son.

It’s worth remembering that Elias in the past got involved with Rosana/Diva (Giulia Gam), who also dated Augusto César (José Mayer) and was arrested for drug trafficking. After giving birth to Shiva (Miguel Rômulo), Rosana left the child, who began to be taken care of by the two in common agreement. It is later revealed that Pepe (Jean-Pierre Noher) is the boy’s biological father.

‘The Favourite’: Flora or Donatela, who killed Dodi?

True villain of the nine o’clock soap opera, Flora is also responsible for the death of Dodi (Murilo Benício), with whom she was married and father of her only daughter, Lara (Mariana Ximenes). The viper kills the ex after he takes Donatela (Claudia Raia) hostage, pretending to have regenerated.

Flora is arrested for the second time for the new murder, escapes, tries to kill Silveirinha (Ary Fontoura), her former manager, and ends up shot by her daughter at the end of the novel, going to jail once again.

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