Snyder Cut, bots and manipulation: the shady complaint against the director of “Justice League”

Justice League: Snyder Cut” (“The League of Justice of Zack Snyder” in Spanish) premiered March 18, 2021 on HBO Max after fans of the DC Extended Universe pressured Warner Bros. via social media to show the 56-year-old director’s original cut.

Although the film did not disappoint viewers, who appreciated the improvements over the original film, the magazine and threatened Warner Bros. to achieve his goals.

In an article published on July 18, 2022, he shared the results of an investigation that Warner Bros. made to know the behind of the strong campaign on social networks that demanded the launch of “”.

According to these reports, at least 13% of the accounts that supported the movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram corresponded to “fake authors”. This is a significant percentage since the average is 3 to 5%.

In addition, the aggressive behavior of some members of the movement that supported the SnyderVerse. Especially because of the publications that threatened the film’s producers with death.

Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” (Photo: Warner Bros.)


Rolling Stone noted that in 2016 Zack Snyder turned to a digital marketing company to increase the number of mentions of “Snyder Cut” in social networks. Likewise, the 20 people involved in “” who were interviewed by the magazine indicated that the director manipulated said campaign on social networks.

On the other hand, they indicated that the director had problems with the film’s producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg’s, even threatening them to remove their names from the credits. According to the magazine’s sources, Snyder said: “Geoff and Jon are taking a long time to get their names out of my court. Now, I will destroy them on social media.”

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in the Snyder Cut of "Justice League," which is available on HBO Max (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Ray Fisher as Cyborg in the Snyder Cut of “Justice League,” which is available on HBO Max (Photo: Warner Bros.)


Regarding the controversy that coincides with the digital release of the Snyder Cut, Zack Snyder answered: “If anyone was pulling the strings, it was Warner, trying to get my fanbase to increase subscribers to their new streaming service.”.

For its part, pointing out that, although the number of false accounts corresponds to 13%, it does not mean that 87% of the users who supported the movement were real fans who supported the work of the director.

Director, producer and screenwriter Zack Snyder denied Rolling Stone magazine's accusations (Photo: Valerie Macon / AFP)
Director, producer and screenwriter Zack Snyder denied Rolling Stone magazine’s accusations (Photo: Valerie Macon / AFP)

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