Snowy episode in the plain in the Pyrénées-Orientales: prohibited roads and difficult traffic in many sectors

It is snowing in the Pyrénées-Orientales this Tuesday, January 24. Consequently, the traffic conditions are not optimal on many roads in the department. Note that special equipment is mandatory as soon as traffic is classified as difficult.

On the Haut Canton sector

In the Upper Canton, temperatures are between -7° and -11°. On the RD4G, traffic is prohibited between Formigueres and La Real. On the other roads in the area, traffic is tricky.

In the Conflent sector

The Col de Jau is closed. Traffic on those of Mantet, where it is starting to snow, and Roque Jalere is tricky. Some wet and icy areas also make traffic tricky in the Aytua-Escaro-Sahorre sectors.

In the Fenouilledes sector

Traffic on the Col d’Aussieres is difficult. On the Col de St Louis, traffic is tricky, as it is on the Sournia – Rabouillet sectors.

On the Upper Vallespir

Traffic is tricky in the Serralongue and Corsavy sectors.

On the Côte Vermeille sector

On the RD86, the ridge road closed.

The state of the roads in the department this Tuesday, January 24.

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