“Sniper: Ghost Shooter” and Co .: The order of the “Sniper” films

The “Sniper” series has produced a total of eight films so far. We’ll tell you in which order you should see the titles.

Since November 15, 2021, the “Sniper” films based on the film characters of Michael Frost Beckner and Crash Leyland have been in discussion again, because Netflix has added another title in the action thriller series to its range, “Sniper: Ghost Shooter” . Since not all films in the franchise are numbered and extend over several decades, we have summarized the correct sequence as a storyline for you.

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“Sniper” films: watch in which order?

Since the “Sniper” series builds on each other from 1993 to 2020, it is advisable to start with the first part and then work your way through chronologically according to the year of publication. However, since not all titles can be found closed with a streaming provider, the question naturally arises: Can “Sniper: Ghost Shooter”, for example, be viewed as the fifth part without prior knowledge?

In principle, this is possible because each part deals with a self-contained order. However, some allusions could possibly cause confusion, after all, Tom Berenger and Chad Michael Collins are always at least one family member of the Becket clan in the focus of the plot in all films. Richard Miller, played by Billy Zane, also regularly ensures a brilliant reunion.

So if you are just looking for action-packed evening entertainment, you can easily fall back on a single film in the series without delving into the prehistory. But if you want to give yourself up to the “sniper” franchise fully, you should start with the first part.

“Sniper” (1993)

Tom Berenger takes on the lead role of Tom Beckett in parts 1 to 3. © IMAGO / United Archives

When the people of Panama are supposed to elect a new government in 1992, the US government fears a coup by rebel army leader Álvarez (Frederick Miragliotta). Army sniper Tom Becket (Tom Berenger) is supposed to prevent this and eliminate Álvarez in the jungle – but not alone: ​​The CIA provides the experienced loner with Richard Miller (Billy Zane), a newcomer. Both meet with antipathy and plenty of distance. When Miller makes a fatal mistake, Becket’s life is in danger and now he has to prove whether he is really up to his job.

You can rent or buy the first part of the saga on Amazon Prime Video.

„Sniper 2“(2002)

Almost ten years after the events in Panama, sniper Tom Becket (Tom Berenger) is recruited for another mission. With his new partner BJ Cole (Bokeem Woodbine) he is supposed to put an end to a general who is responsible for genocide in Kosovo. But suddenly nothing is what it seems …

The film is currently available to rent and buy on Amazon Prime Video.

„Sniper 3“ (2004)

Despite his advancing age, Tom Becket (Tom Berenger) is sent on a new mission. His enemy is none other than Paul Finnegan (John Doman), who once saved his life as a comrade. After Paul apparently faked his death, he rose to become one of Vietnam’s leading drug lords, who now has to be eliminated. But the CIA doesn’t seem to have been completely honest with Beckett.

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„Sniper: Reloaded“ (2011)

From the fourth part, the focus is on Chad Michael Collins as Brandon Beckett. © IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Sargent Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) follows in the footsteps of his father Tom and embarks on a delicate mission. He is commissioned by the UN to save a European farmer in the Congo. But there a sniper is already waiting for the troops, wounds Beckett and shoots all his men. Brandon goes on a bitter campaign of revenge with Richard Miller (Billy Zane), his father’s one-time partner.

The fourth part is currently available as a subscription from Joyn Plus +.

„Sniper: Legacy“ (2014)

When Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) hears that his father (Tom Berenger) has been the victim of a murderer in Berlin, he seeks revenge. While trying to track down the perpetrator, he instead encounters his father, who was believed to be dead. Together they discover that they have been ambushed. Can the father-son team get out of this predicament?

Watch on Netflix.

„Sniper: Ghost Shooter“ (2016)

Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) is assigned as a member of a US unit to secure an oil production station from terrorists. When the troops at the secret base are attacked, Beckett suspects an ambush. Could the enemy be right below them?

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„Sniper: Homeland Security“ (2017)

With the support of the sniper “Devil” (Andrés Felipe Calero), drug lord Morales (Juan Sebastián Calero) succeeds in bringing the entire route between Colombia and the USA under control. Only DEA agent Kate Estrada (Danay Garcia) and sniper Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) can stop the drug trade.

Part 7 awaits you on Netflix.

„Sniper: Assassin’s End“ (2020)

After Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) is ambushed and pilloried as a murderer, he can only count on one person: his father Tom (Tom Berenger). Together, the sniper duo flees from the CIA, a Russian mercenary army and an assassin who was also trained to be a first-class sniper by the Yakuza.

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If you feel particularly comfortable in the action genre, this quiz should be easy for you:

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