Sneijder sees De Jong getting to work at KNVB: ‘Why not at Ajax?’

Wesley Sneijder still notices chaos within Ajax, as it turns out Veronica Offside. The field game still leaves much to be desired and, moreover, the vacancies in the Supervisory Board and Management Board are still not filled. Sneijder had in Nigel de Jong, who gets to work at the KNVBfound an interesting option for Ajax.

Nigel de Jong is now going to the KNVB. If you give him such a position, why not at Ajax?’, Sneijder wonders. ‘It’s a boy from the club. He has no experience, but neither does he at the KNVB. He is a former football player and is still close to the generation. Maybe you should have given him that chance.’

The current situation at Ajax worries Sneijder. “It’s not going well,” he says immediately. ‘They are having a hard time and who really decides? I don’t think anyone knows. The trainer’s agent does the purchasing policy and that is not too good either. They are searching, also looking for a td. I don’t think anyone is really looking forward to that at the moment.’

Schreuder’s role

According to the former Ajax player, Alfred Schreuder does not play a very good role in Ajax as a whole. Sneijder feels that he does not have all the players behind him. “He can’t manage. Managing a team is much more important than setting the lines on the field. Anyone can do that. He’s slowly losing the dressing room.’

“He has already partially lost that, a player has left, but he must ensure that he goes back to basics,” advises the record international of the Dutch national team. ‘Does he opt for quality, so that he has to be equally painful to some players, or does he choose to be friends with everyone? Then it won’t work.’

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