Smells felt in nature evoke positive well-being

Smell the scent of these flowers, your brain will thank you. According to a study (source 1) conducted by the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent (UK), smells experienced in nature can help us feel relaxed, happy and healthy. .

The researchers found that the smells played an important role in the well-being. Often the elements of nature are linked to certain personal memories (dried leaves, a rosebush, etc.). Indeed, the research was conducted in wooded areas for four seasons. She revealed that the smells evoked childhood memories. Many participants made meaningful connections to particular smells, rather than the forest itself, and associated this with a memorable event. These findings were published by Ambiance.

Relaxation and comfort

Researchers have found that odors affect several types of human well-being. Regarding physical well-being, participants meant more relaxation and comfort.

For Dr. Jessica Fisher, postdoctoral research associate, “nature is a multisensory experience and our research demonstrates the potential importance of smell for well-being”. Thanks to these results, she assures that it is possible “to inform the work of practitioners, public health specialists, policy makers, and landscapers looking to improve landscaping outcomes. well-being through nature. Small interventions could lead to public health benefits.”

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