Smallville actor criticizes the series and regrets it

The Smallville series remains beloved by many fans, but not everyone has had a good experience with it. Actor Sam Witwer wasn’t shy about expressing his disappointment over the direction the writers took in the show’s eighth season, but he now says he regrets criticizing the plot of Apocalypse.

Witwer joined Tom Welling and the Smallville cast as Davis Bloome, a paramedic destined to become Superman’s nemesis Doomsday.

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Bloome struggles to maintain his being as he transforms into the monster, but is eventually freed from his alter ego by black kryptonite.

Unfortunately, Bloome proves he’s not much different from Apocalypse when he kills Jimmy in a fit of rage.

Smallville Actor Regrets Criticizing Apocalypse Plot

Witwer has expressed his displeasure with the end of his character, but recently informed Starburst that he regrets doing so.

“I talked about how unhappy I was with how that character ended up, and that level of honesty in interviews at the time, when Smallville was on the air, really didn’t help matters,” the actor said.

“What are you doing bringing negativity to an entertainment product, you want people to like it, you worked hard to get people to like it. I think my honesty was maybe a little unnecessary because overall I thought Davis’ arc was fantastic,” she continued.

Witwer may have questioned how the Smallville writers handled Bloome’s fate, but he says he’s grateful for the opportunity to have played the role.

Even so, he’s far from the only person to criticize the show’s handling of the villain. Many Superman fans took issue with Smallville’s interpretation of Doomsday.

Currently, you can watch episodes of Smallville on HBO Max🇧🇷

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