Smallpox of monkeys, vaccination begins in Italy: “Excluding the need for a mass campaign”. Distribute the doses to the regions

Yes to vaccinationbut without one mass campaign and only in some cases specific. These are the guidelines of the Ministry of Healthwhich has published indications to counter the diffusion of the so-called monkeypox. “At the moment – reads the communication from the dicastery headed by Roberto Speranza – the mode of contagion and the speed of diffusionas well as the effectiveness of non-pharmacological measures exclude the need of a mass vaccination campaign “. In this case, the vaccination will be directed to “staff of laboratory with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus; gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), which fall into certain specific categories of risk“.

In this sense, the plan of distribution of the vaccine with a circular establishing the allocation of the first shares of the Jynneos smallpox vaccine following the arrival of the first tranche by the Commission European. In this first phase, after consulting the Regions and the autonomous provinces, “it was decided to divide the vaccine doses currently available among the Regions with the highest number of cases reported to date and divided as follows: Lombardy 2000; Lazio 1200; Emilia-Romagna 600; Veneto 400 ″.

The circular also states that “pending the next one tranche of donation (currently scheduled for the second half of the current month of August) will be immediately put a layoutfor regions and PAs that request it, a portion of doses (multiples of 20 up to 60 doses) “. A portion of the vaccine will remain stored at the Ministry of Health, for any emergencies. In anticipation of the next tranche, i criteria and the plan for the distribution of further available doses, in agreement with the Regions and public administrations.

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