Small and talented painters from Strakonice: They made it to the Senate

“I never dreamed that my pictures would be exhibited in Parliament. I’m happy. I’m glad that people from different parts of the Czech Republic see it and maybe say that it’s nice,” said modestly Adélka Solusová (13), who has three paintings at the exhibition. “I would like them to evoke a good mood, to make people happy,” she added. This is also what Klaudie Černovská (14), the author of other works created using the dry pastel technique, wishes for. “I really enjoy painting and would like to study it,” she revealed.

Both schoolgirls, like other exhibiting children, are united by a sense of art and a love of painting. They have been developing their talent for several years in the art studio of the Children’s and Youth Center in Strakonice. Artists from DDM Strakonice have had several exhibitions that were held in the premises of Strakonice Castle in the past years. There, their paintings caught the attention of the hospital director and current senator Tomáš Fiala. “That’s when we agreed on the first cooperation, and paintings of gifted children decorated the corridors and patients’ rooms in the new surgery pavilion. It is an exaggeration to say that they still help to heal in the hospital today,” said director of DDM Strakonice Iva Šrámková. It was Fiala who took over the patronage of the current exhibition in the Senate. The paintings that can be seen there were created in the past five years.

You know that…

…25 paintings in the exhibition were created by children between the ages of 9 and 14?

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