Slutshaming at DSDS: These celebrities stand behind Jill Lange

These celebs give her backing. Jill Lange (22) announced a few days ago that she would be seen in this year’s DSDS season next week. But before that, she spoke about her experience on the show – which obviously wasn’t good. Dieter Bohlen (68) did not criticize the reality TV star for the song, but became personal with the feedback. That’s what the beauty said in tears online. It’s not just that it doesn’t work that way jills Opinion: Some stars are now speaking out about the situation.

Temptation Island VIP participant Aurelio Savina (45) reported with a whole Instagram-Post to word. He just finds the situation on the show inappropriate and ended his words pretty clearly: “I’m disgusted by Dieter Bohlen and DSDSbecause instead of ensuring equality […] supports […] the complete opposite is happening here.” Former Love Island candidate Stephanie Schmitz (28) also got upset about the scenario for a few minutes in her story: “Just because she decided on reality TV, you can’t devalue it that much. It’s an individual decision .” Roma Lina was with me jill together at Ex on the Beach last year and strengthened her Instagram also the back: “Why do people always have to be prejudiced and badmouth someone else’s life just because it’s not lived according to their ideal?”

So far commented dieter not personally to the hostilities he is being treated to. He only shared one Instagram-Story by an obvious fan. The follower’s story stated that the questions on the show seemed perfectly valid.

Instagram / aurelio_savina_

Aurelio Savina, reality star

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Stephanie Schmitz, influencer
Jill Lange, Are You The One? contestant

What do you think of Aurelio, Stephanie and Roma standing behind Jill?

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