Slovenia, from ‘BBB 22’, makes the second stage of facial harmonization and comments on changes: ‘Swollen’. See before and after

Slovenia, participant of “BBB 22”, performed the second stage of facial harmonization 20 days after starting the procedure. According to the aesthetic clinic responsible for the process, the miss, who lives an intense relationship with Lucas Bissoli outside the house, made changes to reduce dark circles and enhance the natural features of the face. Check out the photos in the gallery!

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Also according to the clinic, in the second stage of harmonization, Slovenia has undergone a process known as Full Lace, which fills in the lips, cheekbones and chin area. In addition, she performed rhinomodeling, an alternative to nose surgery, with hyaluronic acid.. In the first part, the former “BBB” underwent filling the dark circles with hyaluronic acid and jaw asymmetry.



On Tuesday morning (10), Slovenia appeared on social media to comment on the results of the intervention. “This apple is very swollen, we put more product on one side than the other to make it look nice. The chin, the mouth on the underside are swollen. A lot will still deflate “, she says.

Despite the bumps, Slovenia is already satisfied with the changes. “I like everything more natural. But I really loved the result, I’m delighted. Look at my nose! I’m abuse“, he joked.

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