Slippery “Eternals”: This is how the first sex scene in the MCU came about

Although Disney is known for more family-friendly entertainment, a sex scene nonetheless appeared in the Marvel movie “Eternals”. A producer has now revealed how it came about.

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After some delays it is „Eternals“ has finally appeared in theaters and Marvel fans can currently admire the spectacle on the big screen. In addition to a top-class cast, the comic book adaptation with Oscar winner Chloé Zhao (“Nomadland”) was also able to show the director of the hour, which makes the film extremely special. Especially since there was another highlight, because “Eternals” is the first work of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that contains a sex scene, although the film comes from the family-friendly company called Disney.

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How did this little sensation come about? This now reveals “Eternals” producer Nate Moore, who describes in an interview with what the exact process looked like in the background:

„Chloé [Zhao] was very persistent because she wanted this relationship to feel real […]. And even at the development stage of the film, we thought the Eternals would be a little bit more advanced than you or me in terms of sexuality […]. You know what I mean? It felt insincere to pretend people were holding hands all the time, like they were 7,000 year old people. “

With the first sex scene in the MCU, “Eternals” broke a tradition. In addition to the aforementioned sequence and other ideas, the film was then banned in some countries. You can see which titles are also affected by censorship in our video:

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Love story won over Disney

But how did it come about that the sex scene in question was not cut or removed on the advice of Disney? According to Nate Moore, the simple reason for this was the love couple Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersei (Gemma Chan). To illustrate the love between the two Marvel characters, a sex scene was ultimately part of it and for Disney that was probably an acceptable reason, as the “Eternals” producer reveals. Although there were fears that the mouse company might add a negative comment to the sequence in question, to the surprise of the team, it did not come to that:

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“They said, ‘Oh, well, we get it. Wow. The first sex scene. OK. Here we go.’ And they never asked if we should cut or veil anything. I suspect they understood the scene’s intention and because it wasn’t that cheap I think they were on board. “

With this, “Eternals” broke with a great tradition, but the Marvel film caused another sensation, because Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) officially appeared in the MCU’s first homosexual superhero. Unfortunately, due to further content-related decisions, the MCU strip was banned in some countries, but the innovations in “Eternals” were important steps to make the franchise more open and diverse, especially since Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) was the first deaf superhero in the series occurred. The only question that remains is how Marvel will deal with the bans in other countries in the future and what other ideas could await us.

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