Sleep masks : 4 models for a restful sleep

sleep masks
The best models for restful sleep

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Sleep masks promise restful sleep and are also true anti-aging tools. But how useful is it really to cover the eye area? And what criteria should be considered when buying? We’ll tell you.

Even Blair Waldorf from the hit series “Gossip Girl” swore by them: the sleep mask. The eye mask not only looks stylish, it also ensures a restful sleep. We’ll tell you here what other advantages are literally slumbering behind the beauty miracle weapon.

Why is it useful to use a sleep mask?

Getting enough sleep is important to all of us. Among other things, it serves physical recoverypromotes the efficiency and works positive on our mood off – besides, one does not speak of the well-known beauty sleep for nothing, because also for them regeneration of the skin he plays an important role.

In order to be able to sleep optimally and really restfully, important factors play a role:

The latter is actually more important than you think, because only when it’s really dark does the “sleep hormone” melatonin poured out in the brain, which the day-night rhythm controls. If sleep is disturbed by incident light, the release of the hormone is stopped. This leads to the production of serotonin, which in turn leads to waking up faster and having trouble falling asleep again.

To prevent this, the sleeping mask, also called sleeping goggles or eye mask, comes into play, because it encourages the body to release melatonin. It is an ideal tool to optimize the quality of your sleep. Especially at sleep disorderson Travelat headache and migraineat swollen eyes or simply as Relaxation the little helper can be useful.

This is important to consider when purchasing

As with so many beauty products, the same applies here: not all sleeping masks are the same! In addition to price, color and shape, other criteria also play a role in choosing a good eye mask. We have summarized for you an overview of the most important points that should be considered when buying a sleep mask:

The right seat

An optimal fit is the be-all and end-all for a good sleep mask, because nothing is more annoying than a mask that constantly slips. Make sure that the mask fits snugly around the nose so that no light enters from below. This works best with a sleep mask that is a little longer at the bottom and if necessary extra long nasal flightsl Has.

The optimal attachment

For an ideal fit of the mask, optimal attachment also plays a role. There, too, there are several variations: These include masks with Velcro fasteners, which are particularly easy to adjust, elastic bands or flat elastic bands. A adjustable headband ensures that the eye mask fits comfortably and does not put pressure on the eyes. Especially curved models offer the greatest comfort.

Cooling effect with pollution-free models

Some sleep masks not only provide darkness, but also offer the possibility of swollen to cool eyes. When it comes to sleeping masks with cooling functions, you should make sure that the sleeping masks are BPA-free and therefore do not contain any harmful substances.

Silk is an anti-aging miracle weapon

The material of the sleep masks is also important. Above all, breathable fabrics such as cotton not only feel soft, they are also opaque. Silk sleep masks In addition to their smooth surface, they also have other advantages: They prevent the skin from losing moisture and therefore have an anti-aging effect.

In order to prevent your sleep mask from becoming a bacteria sling, you should make sure before you buy it that your mask is easy to care for and, above all, washable so that dirt such as make-up residues or sweat can be completely removed.

How often should a sleep mask be cleaned?

Just like a pillowcase, the sleep mask should be cleaned regularly. With masks made of natural material, there is nothing wrong with washing the eye covering by hand with a little lukewarm water and detergent. Depending on the fabric, some models can also be ironed at low temperatures.

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