Sky Italia presents its “upskilling, reskilling, insourcing” plan. Translation: 1,200 at risk of redundancy

There are fears of redundancies at Sky Italia, a broadcaster controlled by the US group Comcast. The new plan contemplates “voluntary exits or job change” for ben 1,200 employeesmore than one in ten. To the 400 “displaced persons” based on the 2021 agreements, another 800 were added, including internal and external workers, out of a total of about 10,000 people. The unions therefore raise the alarm: the reorganization presented by the managing director Andrea Duilio in the annual meeting with union representatives of employees, managers and journalists “could become disruptive” if the tools of reconversion “were not used effectively”. The company calls it a broad plan of “upskilling, reskilling, insourcing and voluntary exits” and the expansion to include another 800 employees became necessary, at the end of a particularly difficult year, due to the impact on Sky’s activities of the deterioration of the macroeconomic scenario.

How many workers of the new 800 they will change jobs and how many instead will have to leave the scene will depend on success of the professional retraining process, to be agreed with the unions, necessary to redefine the company’s processes and organizational structure, including that of internal customer care. The idea is of bring activities such as technical support to IT systems within Sky Italia and post-production and production activities. The ultimate goal is to equip the company with the skills needed to be competitive in a market that is growing mainly in streaming.

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