Skin problems: How to get rid of heat rash

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How to get rid of heat rash

Excessive heat can cause hot spots on the skin.

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Heat rashes are not uncommon in summer. They occur when sweat cannot drain away properly. How do you get rid of them?

If sweat cannot drain properly, it clogs the sweat glands. This is how annoying, small pimples develop – also called heat rash. This occurs particularly often in the summer. In contrast to sun allergies, however, they can also develop in warm indoor areas, for example during sports. Although the heat pimples usually disappear on their own after a few days, they are still annoying and often itchy. How to avoid heat rash and how to treat it?

This helps with heat rash

So that the annoying pimples do not appear in the first place, you should let a lot of air on the skin on hot days so that the sweat can drain off directly. Loose clothing made of air-permeable natural materials such as cotton or linen is ideal.

Thick sunscreens and body lotions can also contribute to heat rash. However, doing without sunscreen is not a solution: instead, it is better to use water-based products. These do not put a greasy film on the skin and sweat can drain off. If you sweat a lot, you should dab the sweat with a clean cloth from time to time.

Especially after sport, you should take off your sweaty clothes as soon as possible and shower off the sweat. If you want to prevent heat pimples on your face, you should avoid make-up in the gym.

This is how you get rid of heat pimples quickly

In order to get rid of heat pimples, you should first avoid sweating – the pimples will then slowly recede. Under no circumstances should you scratch the itchy pimples. Cold can relieve the itching of hot spots and reduce swelling. A cool bath can be pleasant, or cold compresses on the affected skin.

In the case of severe heat pimples, a so-called dry brush can be applied with a zinc oxide mixture that contains anti-inflammatory active ingredients. If the itching is unbearable, an ointment containing cortisone can help. In most cases, however, the heat rash has healed after a few days.


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