"Skate Fever – Stars on roller skates": These 16 celebrities are there

“Skate Fever – Stars on Roller Skates”
These 16 celebrities are there

These 16 celebs get on their roller skates on Skate Fever.

© RTLZWEI/Marc Bremer

New show on RTLzwei: 16 celebrities will be part of “Skate Fever – Stars on Roller Skates” from autumn.

The new show “Skate Fever – Stars auf Rollerskate” can be seen on RTLzwei from autumn. The broadcaster has now announced the 16 celebrities who will face the choreographies on roller skates and an experienced and competent jury. Presenter Gülcan Kamps (39), ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold (35), ex-“Bachelorette” Melissa Damilia (26), “Love Island” star Adriano Salvaggio and ex-“GNTM” candidate Gisele Oppermann (34).

They have competition from singer Anna-Carina Woitschack (29), stand-up comedian Janina Korn (39), ex-“Cologne 50667” star Janine Pink (35), ex-“GNTM” model Klaudia Giez (25) , “Bachelor” candidate Linda Nobat (27), “Prince Charming” candidate Manfred Karácsonyi and singer Prince Damien (31). Also present are ex-swimmer Thomas Rupprath (45), ex-professional footballer Thorsten Legat (53), “Love Island” star Tobias Wegener (29) and art dealer Walter Lehnertz (55).

Lola Weippert moderates

In “Skate Fever” eight teams, each with two celebrities, compete against each other in several shows. The stars have to prepare themselves before the shows in weeks of intensive training with experienced roller skate coaches. In addition to the choreographies, various challenges will also take place in which, among other things, speed, coordination and skill are required. A different motto is given for each show. Lola Weippert (26) moderates the format. An exact broadcast date is not yet known.


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