Six months after the floods, almost all the waste from the A601 “dump” between Juprelle and Herstal has been evacuated

Since the terrible floods in mid-July, the affected municipalities have been evacuating their waste to several sites. On the A601 motorway ramp, between Juprelle and Herstal, this had created no less than ten kilometers of road filled with mounds of dirt, which had to be evacuated little by little.

Six months after the disaster, the work is not finished, but it is progressing. And it shows. If you have been there in recent days, you have surely noticed that a large part of the bulky items has indeed been evacuated: “We have already evacuated 54,000 tonnes of waste, there is not much left”, explains Caroline Charlier , in charge of external communication and press relations for La Spaque, operator mandated to clean the area. “But when we estimated the tonnages present, we were talking about 70,000 tons or maybe 100,000.

Finally, it is 54,000 tons. But this figure will continue to evolve because the municipalities continue to transport waste.

►► However, there is still a lot of work to do: explanations

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