"Six million euros", live in "TPMP", a relative of the Bogdanoff brothers drops a bomb!

The funeral of the Bogdanoff brothers, who died of the Covid six days apart, took place this Monday, January 10, in Paris and brought together all their relatives and many anonymous.

Luc Ferry, Raphaël Enthoven, Pierre-Jean Chalençon were notably present for his farewells which caused much ink to flow.

A few hours later, on the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna received, him, other close friends of Igor and Grichka in particular the journalist Jordan De Luxe who made a sacred investigation and revelation about them. “I had asked them questions about money, about their salary. It was a complex subject, which should not be broached too much”, he began by declaring. The main interested party, known for his ability to tell the stars how much they cash in, went on to mention the creation of a company a year ago, called Temps X, which allowed them to pocket tens of thousands of dollars. euros: “It was estimated at six million euros. So they died millionaires, both. They had valued at 3 million euros each share of their company.”

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