Sister quarrel, forgotten son and more. The biggest mistakes of the soap opera ‘Travessia’ are these and we can prove it

THE novel “Travessia” has already cut some stories and accelerated the turnaround of Brisa (Lucy Alves), who will be surprised with a negative DNA test in relation to her son, Tonho (Vicente Alvite). However, it is a consensus that the novel, about to gain new characters, is somehow confusing in general.

It’s no wonder that the calls aired during the programming schedule summarize the story for those who haven’t watched it yet. It is worth mentioning that Glória Perez, owner of respectable audience ratings with “O Clone” (2001), for example, inherited the high time slot with the hit “Pantanal” and faced political propaganda in the early days, which made “Travessia” pushed to later, starting almost 10pm.

Between criticism of Jade Picon’s accent on the one hand and fans against Cidália (Cassia Kis) on the other, “Travessia” manages to attract the public’s attention thanks to the text, the approach to cyber crimes, and the hot sex scenes, most of them starring by Chay Suede. But what makes “Travessia” not mesh, then?

What are the biggest mistakes of the soap opera ‘Travessia’?

One of the protagonists of the story is Ari (Chay), an architect who wants to defend a big house, coveted by Guerra (Humberto Martins). The entrepreneur who put the property “na chon”. By an irony of fate, Ari falls in love with his daughter, Chiara (Jade’s role), and ends up “selling out” in exchange for the perks that her new life offers her.

It is worth mentioning that the boy kissed his mother, still engaged to Brisa, but the relationship only really started after he gave up looking for the laundress in Rio, believing in her death. That already proved to be a fact enough for him not to deserve her.

At the same time, Brisa was arrested for illegally carrying a weapon and managed to give the authorities a false name, which helped Ari to believe that she was no longer alive. The public didn’t “fly” when Brisa seemed to spend days ignoring her son and not using social media to try to find her son’s father.

There is also criticism of the sisters Guida (Alessandra Negrini) and Leonor (Vanessa Giácomo), current and former of the same man, Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi), which caused a certain rivalry between the two, but without time for the viewer to choose to who to cheer

Even the question of the “metaverse” (alternative reality), the “deep fake”, and the characters’ relationship with the internet receives some criticism. Whether it’s because some guys don’t communicate by smartphone or because cyber crimes focus on a rebellious teenager, Rudá (Guilherme Cabral).

And the quick participation of Grazi Massafera in scenes that piled up praise indicates that Débora deserved more chapters in the air, even to better explain her relationship with Moretti and Guerra.

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