Sink pedal boats, two golden retrivers help the lifeguards in the rescue of five boys

There is a long tradition of dogs used in all types of rescue, in the most disparate and sometimes dangerous situations. In this case, two dogs – as Marcovalerio Cervellini of the Postal Police tells us on Facebook – carried out a very demanding intervention together with the lifeguards for a sunken pedal boat in front of the Saline beach from Palinuro (Salerno). Five boys between the ages of 25 and 30 were rescued by two lifeguard dogs Italian School of Rescue Dogs, who intervened together with the lifeguards of the nearby bathing establishment. The accident happened in the early afternoon yesterday, 250 meters off the Saline beach in Palinuro, in the province of Salerno.

The pedal boat had sunk for three quarters and the five boys who were on board fell into the water and had to cling to the surface that remained afloat. Two girls, one of whom could not swim, panicked. The intervention i Dylan And Lifetwo golden retriver on duty at the SICS safety post that reached the sunken boat in a few minutes. Very fast and reassuring dogs, equipped with the special floating harness, allowed the boys to stay afloat until the transshipment on two rescue skids, intervened by the Urlamare factory. The handlers of the two dogs are called Giancarlo Erman And Antonio Caponetti. “The dogs – explained Roberto Gasbarri, head of Sicss – thanks to the life jackets have become a kind of” buoy “to which the two girls who did not know how to swim remained clinging for all the time necessary before the arrival of the rescue shoe” .


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