Single for years, Kéfera reveals that she was physically and psychologically betrayed and abused

Kefera Buchmann she told on her Instagram Stories that she has been single for years because she has suffered physical and psychological abuse in her previous relationship attempts.

On the social network, the actress revealed that she was “deprived of being with people” because of people who had a feeling of ownership about her:

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“I’ve suffered every hitch in relationships. Since abuse (physical and psychological), I’ve been deprived of living several good phases of my life because I was with people who had a feeling of ownership over me, who were envious of my achievements… I’ve had people who only put me down. I’ve already been betrayed. I’ve had people who were with me out of interest,” she said.

Kéfera added: “Anyway, I’ve been playing with this thing of being single for a long time, but the truth is that it’s only good to have someone when you’re a light person (and this light doesn’t mean that you need to be a robot that you are every day well). Someone who helps you in different areas of life”, he pondered.

Then, she classified herself as an “inlovable person”, remembering that the last date she assumed was in 2018: “When I show up dating, you’ll say: ‘My God, Kefera is dating, I no longer had hope. She was single for millions of years,’” he joked.

Kéfera talked about relationships in a post on Instagram Stories – Photo: Reproduction/ [email protected]

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