Single after separating from Éder Militão, Karoline Lima rebuts criticism for staying with Gui Araújo

After experiencing a controversial separation from Éder Militão days before giving birth, Karoline Lima is taking advantage of the move to Brazil to live a new life.

During an open house for her new apartment in São Paulo (+ check out more details of the 350 square meter property), Karoline Lima appeared alongside Gui Araújo. After the records together, some followers criticized the influencer for staying with Gui.

Karoline Lima defends herself from the criticism of her followers

After waking up from the little party at home, Karoline Lima recorded a video on social networks to defend herself from the comments of her followers. “I haven’t even woken up yet and people are already getting me a boyfriend. We can’t even kiss on the lips. Can’t anyone even be friends with anyone who is already getting married?”, began the influencer, who recently celebrated the four months of her daughter.

Karol also explained that he has known Gui Araújo for a long time and that hookups are common in the relationship between the two. “Something from 2019, 2018, I don’t know when I met Guilherme. From time to time I kiss him, I talk to him, he’s nice, good people, my friends like him”, he explained.

“That’s about it. Can I live? Can I! Thank you all so much for your collaboration. If you want to introduce me to more people, you can introduce me and we’ll put them on the tram too”, joked Karol to finish.

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