Singing presenter Lucie Borhyová: Wishes fulfilled thanks to Zagorka!

Lucca’s childhood dream was to sing or dance, and childless Hanka, who clung to her with her husband Štefan Margita (66) as to her own daughter, she supported her in this.

Internal struggle

When Margit’s court composer and family friend came last year Michael Kindl (34) saying that he should have a Christmas song for »their« Lucia, she cheered. “In June, I received a message from Michal with lyrics and music. At that time, Hanka also supported me, let me go for it,” she revealed Borhyova. But two months later Zagorova unfortunately she died. “The sad event happened in August, and from that moment I didn’t want to do it at all. I said we won’t do it now,” Lucie admitted her inner struggle in an interview for

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She would like that…

Still, Wish Fulfilled eventually sang. “In October, Michal called saying that we have to do it, that Hanička would like it that way,” confided the presenter. And so, on the first Sunday of Advent, not only the Christmas song, but also the clip saw the light of day.

Children from the clip

Fans who believe that Lucca’s children appear in the clip are mistaken. “They wanted to sing, they were happy that the song came out, but they don’t act in the clip, I have acting children there. Lindušek and Lucas wanted to play there and are sad that they are not there, but for now this is how I protect their privacy,” revealed the mother of eight-year-old daughter Linda and fourteen-year-old son Lucas.

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