singer "loved it": Blunt tells of childhood in Germany

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Singer “loved it”
Blunt tells of childhood in Germany

James Blunt can not only look back on a long career as a musician, but also on a happy childhood in Germany. In an interview he tells how much he liked it here and how he thinks about the country today.

The British singer James Blunt fondly thinks back to his childhood in Germany. “I had a wonderful time there. Many great experiences,” the 47-year-old told the newspaper “Die Welt”. He lived on the Möhnesee in North Rhine-Westphalia, his father was stationed there for the British Army. “The garden ended on three sides to the lake.” During the winter, “we could skate and play hockey,” said Blunt. “And swimming, sailing and windsurfing in the summer. It’s a really beautiful part of the world.” Blunt lived in Germany for ten years and later became a soldier himself. So he was deployed in Kosovo.

If he arrives in Germany today as an adult and drinks “fantastic” German beer and can go into the mountains and the forest, he would be happy, said Blunt. “Because we don’t have that in Great Britain.” The German spirit is “to tackle things and get things done, and I celebrate that”. He “really loved” it in Germany. He also lived in Cyprus with his parents, “he tells in the” Welt “interview. Today the singer lives in Ibiza and Switzerland.

Blunt celebrated his breakthrough in 2005 with the song “You’re beautiful”, which was also a huge hit in Germany. Because of the sweet song, Blunt is sometimes denigrated as a potty singer. But that doesn’t bother him. The “Hamburger Morgenpost” recently quoted him as saying that he enjoyed insults. “And I’ve learned to make money from it.”

A best-of album by the British will be released shortly (“The Stars Beneath My Feet”), which will also feature live recordings and four new songs. The idea came to him during the forced break during the pandemic. “A best of album suddenly seemed appropriate because I was forced to stop and collect my favorite moments and recordings for myself.” On the cover of the album he echoes the singer’s military past: he can be seen wearing a steel helmet.

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