Singer Faye Montana: "I only knew my father when he was ill"

She had suffered a heavy loss early on. When Faye Montana (19) was seven years old, she lost her father big salwho had been diagnosed with cancer. After his death she wrote her first song. A few years later, she wrote another song to her father, but never released it. She used music to cope with her grief. Has now faye made a sad confession about the time with her father!

“I only knew my father when he was ill,” the singer tells Picture. She didn’t really understand that her father was ill until she saw him again shortly before his death. “As a child, I only checked that he was seriously ill”, she explains. Her mother, actress Anne-Sophie Briest (48), tried her best faye not aware of the bad things.

And with that she is now committed to the HPV education campaign “Decidedly. Against Cancer”. “I’m doing everything I can to avoid someone in my family or friend dying from cancer again”she stressed.

Faye Montana, influencer


Faye Montana Briest and Anne-Sophie Briest 2021
Faye Montana in December 2020


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