Sinéad O’Connor in deep grief after son’s death: Hospitalized

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On January 8, musician Sinéad O’Connor lost his only 17-year-old son Shane, who took his own life.

And the grief is so deep in Irish O’Connor that she has now been admitted. It writes Daily Mail.

On Twitter, there was a stream of messages in which she wrote, among other things, that she did not deserve to live, and in which she blamed herself for her son’s death. Messages that naturally disturbed people.

Now, however, she herself has updated with the news that she is hospitalized.

“Sorry. I should not have said that. I’m with the police now on my way to the hospital. I’m sorry I upset you all. I feel lost without my child and I hate myself. The hospital will help me the next piece. But I’ll probably find Shane. This is just a delay, “she writes without elaborating on what exactly this means.

His son Shane was also hospitalized before his disappearance. Here he was under surveillance because he was suicidal.

In the past, Sinéad O’Connor has raged against the hospital because they lost supervision of their son.

‘How can it happen that a 17-year-old, traumatized young person who is under supervision at Tallaght Hospital can disappear?’ she wrote on Twitter.

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In the same tweet, she accused the hospital of not wanting to take any responsibility for the son’s, at the time, disappearance.

She also stated that it would lead to legal action if something happened to the son.

Sinéad O’Connor got Shane O’Connor in 2004 with musician Donald Lunny.

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