Simony’s daughter, Aysha turns 19 and surprises: "Big woman"

Daughter of Simony, aysha celebrated her 19th birthday, this Thursday (12/05), and surprised when she appeared next to her mother, during a gala night to celebrate the date.

“I love you forever, my daughter. 19 years old, my God. I wish you the best in this life. My lap is always here for you. My eternal romantic.”

“Happy birthday! Enjoy this beautiful party a lot”, declared the singer, when publishing a record with the young woman on Instagram.

In the picture, the two appear stunning, wearing pink dress. Aysha appears taller than her mother and draws attention for her look: “How wonderful! It’s a big woman”, said a follower. “I loved you matching! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter”, praised another. “Two hotties! Congratulations, Aysha”, wrote another.

In addition to Aysha, Simony is also the mother of 19-year-old Ryan, 14-year-old Pyetra, and 7-year-old Anthony.

In March of last year, the singer said that her daughter lost more than 35 kilos after undergoing a food reeducation on being bullied for being chubby: “Since I started training, the first thing that motivated Aysha to lose weight was her health. And also because she was bullied a lot. At school, people were making fun of me and saying like me could be skinny and she wasn’t. It made her very sad.”

“It’s just that it’s not an easy task to lose weight. And when we posted a picture together, people would write horrible things, because she’s really mean. They think a person is chubby because they want to or they’re relaxed. I took care of myself and didn’t take care of my daughter”, Simony told Who.

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