Simony has a new look! With cancer, singer shows bald for the first time to win wig

Treating bowel cancer, Simony showed her new look by trying on the wig she won. When placing the accessory, the artist insisted on showing her bald head for the first time. The artist had to shave her head after her hair began to fall out with chemotherapy sessions.

“Do you remember that I left here with a [peruca] dodgy? But I couldn’t identify with the short one. It’s no use, my business is Rapunzel, there’s no way”, he joked.

Simony shows off her new long blonde wig

For the last few days, Simony had been wearing a shorter length wig. She, however, did not adapt.

“Guys, do you remember that I left here with the short one? But I couldn’t identify with the short one, my business is Rapunzel. It was perfect!”, said the artist, who then showed her bald head. “Look, there’s no hair, girls. Then we do it like this”.

Simony’s hairdresser, Carlos Cirqueira, was full of praise for the singer. “Look at Simony. After a few days, we made this wonderful piece for her. Look at that root”, he highlighted. “A beautiful one. You deserve much more than a hair, love. You deserve all the affection”, reinforced.

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