Simone’s husband denies indirect to Simaria after climate in the duo’s show

Kaka Dinizhusband of Simone (from the duo with simaria), denied on Sunday night (12/06) that he had sent an indirect to his wife’s sister shortly after a “climate” took over a concert by the duo this weekend.

The businessman gave a statement to journalist Leo Dias, from the newspaper “Metropoles”, to refute the information that circulated shortly after a post he made in which he spoke about character – which many people interpreted as a coded message to his sister-in-law . “The stage shows his talent, but it is behind the scenes that his character is revealed,” he wrote in an excerpt of the message.

He later stated that the sentence that generated controversy is part of the course he has been teaching for several months, and that it had nothing to do with the problem between Simone and Simaria.

In the text posted on Instagram, he also noted: “Don’t compare your backstage with the other’s stage. First because, of all the metrics, this one is the most boring. You don’t have (and will never have) the complete idea of ​​what that one. who is in the spotlight today passed to get there. Then comparing your backstage with the neighbor’s stage is cruel to you. It instills you with unnecessary and recurring suffering, since every day a new Number 1 appears”.

understand the case

The problem between the sisters started in the final minutes of a show held in Caruaru, Pernambuco. During the night, in the final minutes of the presentation, Simaria finally arrived on stage – which was commanded by Simone during the absence of her sister, who had informed the audience that she had felt sick and, therefore, had not been able to catch the plane. to get to the city.

According to information, Simaria felt better and decided to travel to Caruaru, arriving for the final minutes of the show, and entered the stage when Simone was already saying goodbye to the audience. As a result, the presentation was extended, which caused Simone to become visibly upset.

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