Simone Thomalla: "3..2..1..mine"! Her DJ is sure of her

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Simone Thomalla shines in a two-pack with DJ Nicolino +++ Joshua Kimmich’s wife Lina enjoys time alone +++ Cathy Hummels jokes about a cucumber.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker:

August 6, 2022

Simone Thomalla: Radiant cuddle photo! Her DJ is sure of her

Are they actually officially confirming their romance with this photo? Simone Thomalla, 57, cuddles up close to Nicolino Hermano, 45. A relationship between the actress and the DJ has been speculated for weeks. At the beginning of August 2022, the two were spotted holding hands in Berlin. Now the Italian is posting an intimate selfie that leaves almost no questions unanswered. “3..2..1..mine”, writes the cool-looking musician. The “Spring” actress wears a gentle smile. Her eyes are hidden by large sunglasses. And on her own Instagram channel, the “Spring” star is (still) covered and apparently lets Nicolino’s advance work for the time being.

Simone Thomalla has not yet officially confirmed a new love. It was only in September 2021 that her separation from handball professional Silvio Heinevetter, 37, became known. The two were a couple for twelve years. In June 2022, the first rumors about an impending relationship with the popular TV actress were heard. Now at least her alleged heart man seems ready to make claims of ownership.

August 5, 2022

Joshua Kimmich’s wife Lina has time to relax

Having a little alone time can be fun, too. At least that’s what Lina Meyer proves. The lawyer and wife of soccer player Joshua Kimmich, 27, likes to have food delivered so she can fully enjoy her day alone. On her Instagram Story, she posted a picture of her laptop showing the website of a pizza ordering service. The hashtag #STURMFREI is placed large in the middle of the picture.

Lina has been married to Joshua Kimmich since June 2022, and the couple have three children together. For her followers, it is a private insight into the life of the mother of three – well then, bon appetit!

Lina Meyer orders something to eat.


Cathy Hummels: Is she raising Mats Hummels here?

Speculations about a separation from Cathy Hummels, 34, and Mats Hummels, 33, have been going on for weeks. So far, however, the two have left them uncommented. Only a few cryptic postings on Cathy’s Instagram profile and Mats’ numerous turtle photos with other women suggest that the kicker and the presenter are going their separate ways from now on. Now Cathy seems to be carried away again to a small tip against her child’s father.

“That’s a device, isn’t it?” She writes in her Instagram story for a photo of a cucumber of considerable size. And further: “Exactly the right size. Finally a ‘cucumber’ that ‘keeps’ what it promises [sic].” It can be assumed that she got some messages after the cheeky comment. However, she doesn’t want to justify her little dig, instead she jokes in the next sequence: “It was so bad that it was good again.”

Cathy Hummels is excited about her new cucumber.

Cathy Hummels is excited about her new cucumber.


August 4, 2022

Lena Gercke: Daughter Zoe has arrived in horse “heaven”.

The temperatures in Germany are currently climbing to a maximum high again. Everyone who can flees into the cool water. The pregnant model Lena Gercke, 34, also made her way to the Baltic Sea with her family. There, daughter Zoe, 2, awaits a bright blue sky, crystal clear sea and a huge sandbox on the beach where she can unpack her molds.

The GNTM winner from 2006 shares these beautiful impressions in her Instagram story. But she and partner Dustin Schöne, 37, still have something great planned for their now two-year-old offspring: Zoe is allowed to go to the riding stables with the horses – apparently one of her big dreams. Because Gercke describes this magical moment with the words “in heaven”.

Simone Thomalla: Treacherous cuddly selfie!  DJ Nicolino files ownership claims


Jana Ina Zarrella surprises with a family photo

When Jana Ina Zarrella, 45, talks about her children, she gets enthusiastic. The presenter has a son and a daughter and loves being a mother. With a family photo from Disneyland, she now shows how closely she is connected to her offspring, who have now grown up. Tightly embraced, the Brazilian looks at the Sleeping Beauty Castle with her loved ones. With the magical photo, she answers a question from a pregnant follower who wants to know what it’s like to be a mom.

Jana Ina describes this wonderful task as the “most beautiful gift” and explains: “I’m really very grateful for it. I learn so much from my children”. That sounds like a true passion for parenting. No wonder the proud mommy wants to fuel her fan’s anticipation even further: “You can look forward to it now,” she writes – and promises: “You will experience the greatest and most beautiful love. An infinite love that you can’t even can explain.” Words that should hit their own offspring in the heart.

Simone Thomalla: Treacherous cuddly selfie!  DJ Nicolino files ownership claims


August 3, 2022

Sarah Connor’s brother Robin Lewe reveals why he unfollowed her

The Lewe siblings around singer Sarah Connor, 42, seem to get along really well. Most recently, the musician celebrated with Valentina, 26, Marisa, 35, and Robin Lewe, 34, the wedding of sister “Lulu”, 30. Only one was missing from the Instagram stories: Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 40. Didn’t she really have time or missing for other reasons is not known. Still, sibling fights are not uncommon.

New frowns spark a question and answer session on Robin Lewe’s Instagram Story. When a user wants to know why he no longer follows his famous sister Sarah on Instagram, he replies with an ominous “different interests”.

Simone Thomalla: Treacherous cuddly selfie!  DJ Nicolino files ownership claims


Interesting: He follows all his other siblings who have an Instagram account – even Sarah’s and Anna-Maria’s husbands and Sarah’s children Summer, 16, and Tyler Terenzi, 18. Robin’s community quickly wonders if he’s “Zoff with Sarah”. would have. The 34-year-old reassured: “No, no and again no. Don’t interpret too much. There is life outside of the internet.” In addition, Robin reveals that he has a “very good” relationship with all his siblings. “Each of my sisters has her own unique strength, which I use when the need arises.”

Simone Thomalla: Treacherous cuddly selfie!  DJ Nicolino files ownership claims


Marie Nasemann is turned away from the clinic with her sick baby

Marie Nasemann, 33, is actually taking a break in Sweden with her husband and two children. But the idyllic Bullerbü vacation comes to a worrying end, because her daughter, who was born in October 2021, has been suffering from “diarrhea and vomiting” for a long time, as the influencer reported on August 2 in her Instagram story. But in “the long run” the mother of two would not know that.

“We’re in contact with our pediatrician and will probably go to a clinic today,” says Marie, concerned, and then reveals: “Were in the hospital yesterday, but they didn’t want to treat the little one and said she looked ok.” Her baby was “worse again” yesterday. However, she leaves open whether Marie Nasemann has ever seen a hospital from the inside with her nine-month-old child. Today her family left the red cottage by the lake and is on the way back to Berlin.

Simone Thomalla: Treacherous cuddly selfie!  DJ Nicolino files ownership claims


August 2, 2022

Marcus Schenkenberg: Magical snapshot of son Collin

Marcus Schenkenberg loves being a new dad. Taking to Instagram, the Swedish model with Dutch roots shared a new adorable picture of her son Collin on her Instagram Story. In the snap, Collin is wearing a brown teddy bear onesie which makes the picture cute-perfect.

As RTL reported, the birth came as a surprise for the model, but little Collin is still an absolute dream child. Marcus isn’t romantically involved with the child’s mother, Jessica Bäckman, 33, but they decided to raise their son together as best friends.

Summer and Marc Terenzi go on a Sunday trip together

For their daughter Summer’s 16th birthday, Sarah Connor, 42, and Marc Terenzi, 44, for the first time photos of their common child on Instagram posted and wrote touching lines. The 16-year-old was now allowed to appear on social media herself with this special birthday and has given little insight into her everyday life since then. On Sunday, July 31, Summer gave her father Marc Terenzi, as he proved with a snapshot on Instagram.

Both apparently share a passion for hard rock, as suggested by the father-daughter duo’s outfit and the line “Hard rock for life.” “Sunday is father-daughter fun day,” writes the 44-year-old about the recording and smiles in competition with the teenager. Marc Terenzi has a son, Tyler, with his ex Sarah Connor. There are also two children from other women.

August 1, 2022

Lena Meyer-Landrut shares behind-the-scenes pictures

On June 24, 2022, Lena Meyer-Landrut, 31, delighted her fans with her new single “Looking for Love”. With a few shots, she now gives her almost 5 million Instagram followers a look behind the scenes of the associated video shoot, triggering veritable storms of enthusiasm. “A few more looking for love impressions including a swipe for summer dancing,” writes the singer about three black and white shots that show her in a wide boho dress in nature.

Within a few hours, thousands of likes and comments accumulate under the post. “Beautiful pictures,” praises one fan. “Elf-like,” says another. Another follower can hardly get out of the swarm: “Wow, just pure beauty. All, just all of your pictures make me smile.”

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