Simone Poncio leaves psychiatric clinic, but is admitted to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro

A shepherdess Simone Pontius he left the psychiatric clinic where he was hospitalized in Rio de Janeiro, but soon afterwards he was admitted to the Hospital Samaritano, in the south. Shortly thereafter, she was transferred to another hospital in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

The information was initially published by the columnist Fabia Oliveira, from the website “Em Off”, this Friday (07/01). According to the journalist, Simone was suffering from severe depression and ended up being taken to the Clínica São Vicente, where she remains hospitalized.

The information was later confirmed by the family’s press office, which can be read at the end of the article.

The Poncio family’s press office said in a statement released yesterday that Simone uses medication for anxiety and depression, all prescribed by a trusted practitioner. However, she increased the dosage on her own after a period of intense stress — she recently separated from her husband, Márcio Poncio.

Thus, her family members decided that hospitalization was, according to the statement released to the press, the “best way” for her to find adequate assistance to treat the problem.

Advice confirms hospitalization


In the early afternoon, the Poncio family advisors confirmed the information published by the columnist and updated Simone’s health status.

“The Poncio Family, through its press office, comes to update the health status of the matriarch, Simone Poncio. As part of the treatment, Simone spent a week in the psychiatric clinic in Rio, and now she has been transferred to another clinic in order to finish this treatment, and go home. They thank again all the concern of fans and friends with Simone, and ask for prayers for the businesswoman’s recovery even faster,” said the text sent to the press.

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